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Is being 12 something bad? Why are you critize on my post and making fun of 12 years old kid ?(what if i am ?)
He wrote that fucked up comments on 13 march which its 2 days ago?(you should focus on that shit not me ..being 12) You as a Mod should be neutral not taken side. I just point it out you should warned him way long before.

If I didnt point it out today....people would just ignored it.

I will stop when he write a damn apology in here
Because i am not taken nazi fucking comments lightly. I dont fucking care if he critize my arguments about Mei being poor evil or not(he can bitch it out all he wants- free to do so)..but this is another level.

and if someone said he didnt mention any Hitler or Nazi....than I have no hopes in this forum.
..because it was obvious a wordplay ..hinting to that direction. ..when he mention german / attitude. (being 12 and have history class is not that bad huh)

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he start it with that shit. not me. you should have warned him when he post that Mod. ..its normal that i react to that crap provocation because it has nothing to do with the manga but personal attack.

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Firstly, as people have said, it's not about what you say, it's how you say it. You try to convince everyone that Mei isn't a bad person but then you yourself show no concept of what acceptable behavior is while trying to prove your point. It's not helping your case. Just assume the people you are writing to here are not complete idiots and try not to sound like you're teaching in kindergarten.

LMAOOOOOOOOOOO where this shit coming from ? LOOOOOOL now stop it right there. I never said that Mei behavior isnt bad. AT ALL...omg..see this is what i m trying to say..for 1000 times.

facepalm I said once fucking again. READ IT CAREFULLY

my very first post was...........way few pages back.........i said her behavior being like this has a fucking background because most of people who ranting their mouth in this comments section..totally forgot about her backstory. they focus on the recent their comments sound like......"MEI IS BEING A DICK...BECAUSE SHE IS A DICK- I Was BORN TO BE A DICK"

so i am sitting here..reading it...and think....umm "not really folks...there is a story behind that..." by putting proove ..pages and chapters.

i said she was a normal yuzu. she smile, talks and play with her bestfriend..until her dad gones. everything change after that.

she isnt being a bitch with no fucking reason. my arguments are all about ........why she is like that(why i come up with her father, grandpa, her bestfriend story). .....but i never said ..its...a good thing what she did to yuzu. I just understand her habits. I admit that she make it complicated.

I defend her cause ..I view her in HER perspective(what she saw, what she feel). ..not as OUR VIEW as YUZU or alias readers.

In YUZU POV i feel nothing but bad for yuzu. I am no diffrent than most of these people in here who feel bad for her...but I am also the one who are curious about Mei action. thats why i am sitting here and writes stuff.

GET THAT IN YOUR MIND..BEFORE puting your words into my mouth.

My dad beat me cause his parents beat him. Am I supposed to just say "Oh well, what was he supposed to do? There's nothing he could do, having a hard childhood and everything. Beating his children is all he learned from his parents, after all". That's kinda offensive, actually,

but most of the criminal case are like that...........they grew up in violence environment..or have bad past history. like got bullied at school.
just asked psychologist and studies. i am not talking out of the blue. for the victim is hard. who shuld forgive him what he did to you ? its still bad what he did. there is sooo many criminal cases......that the criminal are mental instabil from their previous past(murdered, rape etc)..........but didnt get a normal punishment(like normal people would get if they was on their right mind)...but they got a treatment instead..........and the victim are innocence of a horrible crimes. THe more i say..the more...I sound like an heartless person for the victim.
this is sensetive my words choice could sound hash.

your dad didnt turn out well ...since he could not overcome the hell circle. ..while you can. every person works on their trauma expierience diffrently. ..some are healthy ..some end up in the hell circle.

good example is naruto

Don't apply shounen manga about ninjas shooting balls of energy to real life situations.

why?are you dissing shounen manga ? because the protagonist ..went through hardship as a well. maybe worst...why not? even Kishimoto himself mention it when he end the manga and said about connecting the manga with the real life situation. HIs story are base on him and his brother.....he just put it into manga.
He said that ..with this manga....he hopes that his readers can gain motivation out of it. Life is not always easy etc. you will face problem and there will times..that you feel like you want to give up etc. why is it a bad thing to connect this with real life situation ?

PS. I hope you view manga not as a cartoon books for kids only--like most western people do. because people in japan take them seriously(its not just art- but like a book where you read it in the west. the japanese just love to tell their story through arts). Naruto is not really for kids...but aiming for adults ages.

Are you german, by any chance? Thinking about it, you're attitude does seem pretty german.

nope i am not german......what has all of this has to do with being a german or not. are you trying to bring race in here.

are you trying to say i sound like a dictator LOL really? you are poor poor person. not all german talk or speak like americans really need educated yourself. a german sound like ? have you met one ?

"are you german by any chance? thinking about it.....your attitude does seem pretty german"

this say a lot about you . this is like a insult to all german people .

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SpiderLilies2007: Haven't you noticed that most people who called Mei a bitch aren't even trying to argue with you?

havent you noticed that i dont give a flying penny about them not argue back? cause i am already point my thought out. thats my goal. cause forum is a place ...for review comments after reading the chapter. i am just like any other person ..who left comments.

1 person. mei is a bitch..........(no not convince comments at all)
2 person. mei is a spoiled brat....(no not convince comments at all)
3 person. mei is fucked up bitch (no not convince comments at all)
10 my defend arguments towards mei(with manga-chapter+ page support)...(your comments are convince other people to agree with you. they are manipulative-) does it ring any bells? how stupid that looks like hahah. oh no..i am the bad guy here. sorry.. sorry

like it? good for you. dont like it ? good for you as well.

anybody can leave their thoughs in one has the right to forbidden someone who has diffrent views than yours.

...opps sorry for not swimming with the flow. doesnt matter how much people try to gang up on wont stop me from giving my 2 cent about it. we are not in china or nord korea ..where you cannot speak your mind out.

go cry to admin of this page..if you feel bothered by it...but i did nothing wrong against the rules LOL so you will see me again..once chapter 15 is up or the raw. deal with it.

this is a forum for discussion....but i just found that...........arguments are not allow in a discussion forum ...unless they are the same with most of the audience. OOOPPPPPS

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. You are consistently acting as if you're better than everyone and disregarding just about everything others are saying all while expecting them to instantly take your word as absolute truth.

its your ..yours alone

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-yuzu wasnt honest with her feeling
mei knows it............yuzu herself admit it int the chapter

still.......people are saying that mei is a bitch bitch bitch

-Mai finally open herself up thanks to Matsuri about her feeling
-Yuzu rejected it..cause she felt guilty and wrong since they are sisters#

haters still blame mei ...for being cold/(of cause when someone rejected you run with happy faces and play it cool) LOL when it was Yuzu who was unsure about herself not Mei. She know what she want. NAH..just blaming on Mei xD seems legit..

Mei doenst feel embarrass at all..after getting rejected.........since she is a fucking robots with no feeling. +sarcasm+

here fun FACT.............the more i dig..the more see the HOLE

few pages back...when people are telling me..........that yuzu was unsure about Mei confession because Mei used to teased her a lot in the past.

here what i found LOL chapter 14 page 7
"you know i was really happy with your feelings......" said by yuzu herself

she knows pretty well that Mei confession wasnt ........stupid flirt or fake.

still...............yeah Mei is a bitch for not letting her talk ...and walk away. see...why i cant take it seriously ? they have fact right infront of their faces...they still overshadow by everything else. such a small wouldnt even catch it.

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what are wrong in my arguments?
people are saying bad things about mei.....its fine? their arguments are not convincing anyone at all? but mine are totally wrong out of place and manipulative or what LOL? ja ja ja

i see nothing wrong with my arguments..since they are base on the manga.........facts from manga. chapter by chapter.

when I pick up an arguments..i leave chapter. + pages. to proove that i am not just day dreaming those but ......they are base on the story. thats the freedom of speech baby.

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So what you're saying is you're simply arguing for the sake of shitting up the thread with an argument? Otherwise you would actually have an interest in trying to convince people of your extremely long-winded arguments.

what I not allow to leave comments what I have in mind. ..while anybody can leave their fucking 2cent in here....
"mei is a bitch" ..."a fucking spoil brat"..."she is this and that....ughh how awefull....bla bla bla shitty manga....shitty plots"

whats the point to have a forum when there is no discussion allow? the irony in your sentence is too funny

others people leaving hates messages towards mei.....its totally fine.......bla bal bal

scrolll down....loook this person think otherwise............."how stupid...with the long ass arguing shitting up the thread argument?"

all i can say is I am laughting at you ahahha I am not forcing you to believ in me at all. convince people? by what.

how about those people who leave their comments about ...hating mei isnt that "a convince arguments to hate on mei?"

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Also, just because you feel that you have a right to freedom of speech, to say what you like does not mean you can just run around treating everyone as numbskulls.

Also to elaborate on this, regardless of your personal beliefs (or whatever your nation's laws say) most forums in fact don't support freedom of speech. You're not simply allowed to say whatever you want on a forum, that's why flaming and such are typically bannable or at least warnable.

LOL as long as this is about citrus.......feel free to banned me if the admin think this is not ok....but i dont think so. since i do not attack someone by race......religion or any other kind. this commenst and arguments are base on the damn manga. if you gets offend by my to bad for you hahaha

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i really dont care lol since all have the right to say whatever you want . freedom of speech. i dont care who is on my side or not. i could be the only person in here who defend mei.........and everyone bashing on her.....fine........i would still be here and defend her while yuzu and me defend her LOL. yuzu obviously see something in mei what others could not see. mei is stubborn indeed...but yuzu is willing to break into that hard shell. and yes...the way she acted is indeed bad(never said it was praised worthy) but i understand her attitude. why. thats the main point. she made things complicated . she could have easiest way to get out of this mess....but its fucking drama manga for a reason hahahaha

all i say is....mei is not acting like a spoiled brat with no reason--out of nowhere. every action has a REASON....EVERY MANGA HAS A VILLAINT....

like obito.....why he went full retard modus..........

like madara/nagato......why he wants to destroy the world

like sasuke....why he want to kill naruto --------------he has pretty much logic reason too -was it ok? nope but it was understandable

I trust saburouta ...she is not going to make mei acted that foolish reason.

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Well, basically just this.
As someone had to choose between his parents when he was like 6 years old and ended up being beaten by his dad pretty much every day for years (obviously not right after), I can tell you that that's not an excuse for being an asshole. My dad, although accidentally, actually broke my wrist because of a bad mark on my school certificate, so I grew up being fucking scared every time I was at home. We also moved quite a lot so I had problems making friends and ended up being pretty awkward. But I'm confident that I at least treat people with respect cause that's the normal thing to do. If I act like an asshole then that's my fault.

well here is the thing..........mei treat people with respect too........esp...towards her dad and grandpa, teacher and what not...but there is a bad well. i am sure you have one too.

good for you that you grow up as a fine....person (with no weird habits or inner demon inside of you)despite by the things that your dad did to you..but there is a lots of cases..that it didnt turn out that well.

i see a lots of diffrent....i grew up in a rough neighborhood..where kids gets pregnant at age 10 .....drugs issues.......violence is everywhere. ...the influence of how you grow up.--what kind of environment you are in.... ..influence the person behavior very much . ..but thank god my parents was always teaching us to not go down that path. while those kids who has their parent using cursing words all the time...the kids start to talk just like their parent.
then they start stealing as well and up taken drugs or selling their bodies.

my life safer was my parent obviously...who show me whats is right and whats is wrong--and the teacher at school.

the key person for mei is be more losen up about her strict life. .yuzu will show mei how to enjoy life.

you still believe that ....being an asshole is your own fault right...your not quiet completly wrong...but not right either.
otherwise ......why would movie maker ....from diffrent culture..........create film or anime......with that kind of background ? they never met each other .....but the plot seems similiar

good example is naruto because that show pretty much how .people around you influence you how you behave.
i am sure you know about this anime. the boy who got hate by the whole village..and acted out as a brat to gain attention. are you gonna say that kishimoto is writing bullshit....because naruto was an asshole by himself ?

or gaara is better choice.........gaara was a monster as a kid..until he met naruto. gaara past history influence him a lot. and then a key person this case naruto.........he show him how to tressure friendship during his fight.

shounen manga has better clear picture

while in shoujo manga like not so
i see the same ..within Mei behavior ..why she is so reserved(she doesnt share privat details to anyone, people around her at school saw her as the perfect girl..while yuzu......saw the real one... the first who ever to saw the loneliness in those dark purple eyes) and there is a fucking reason behind that why she hide her weaknesses.

Her goals is to taken over the damn school. thats a huge responsibility ..and she is only 16. keep that in mind...16. what kind of pressure her grandpa pushed her through this?

she was hurt by her father...based on her bestfriend and vice president. Mei was a lovely girl who talks a a lot...even laught when her dad was there. ..just like any other girl at her ages until he left her. so you cant tell me that her behavior doenst gets influence by people who are around her. your arguments doenst work here.

And nowhere did I say that you did. What was the point of us imagining Yuzu as a man?
who the hell say hat yuzu is a man..or imaging her as a man...i dont remember saying that shit.

i said ..if yuzu was a men ......people would go crazy over that sexual harrasment thing. same goes for mei vise versa..but i never said imaging yuzu as a

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Well, first off...

that is not sexuall harrassed to you?

Not what he said.

tzz stop with the bullshit of "innocenct"sexual harassment...thats LOL bullshit. are you serious now?

Also not what he said.

Ops yeah i was reading fast through it

And you're totally ignoring why she says she has to be a sister. Because Mei always says that they are nothing more. Yuzu tried to understand their relationship multiple times and was always hindered by Mei acting like a spoiled jerk. Which brings me to

ignored what .?..during Yuzu dad grave visit part yuzu decide to be her sister....because she realize that Mei need a family instead of love. i ignored nothing. i know that yuzu got confused by mei actions and words. what i am trying to say this whole time MEI POV ...people dont get me at all LOL

In Mei views..she saw it like this......i was trying to view as Mei sees Yuzu ...I know that yuzu is unsure because of Mei actions..thats my view as a reader. jeezus........

Seriously? We have three books full of Mei sexually harassing Yuzu but when Yuzu pushes her down once it's suddenly a major problem that impacts people's feelings?
In general, all your arguments boil down to excusing Mei's behavior by passing the fault to someone else. But no matter her past, the only one that is impacting her present in the manga is her. She made the decision to just wall herself off, nobody else. And isn't it a bit hypocritical to just expect Yuzu to be the perfect human being for both of them?


NOW here is my views of this whole thing was..........

she know yuzu wanted her teacher and her best friend wanted she compare yuzu desire with the other two but didnt know the diffrent between them. because yuzu desire come from LOVE. Mei could think that yuzu desire could be the same as the teacher. #thats all i wanted to say by using that abuse thing

this is because my english is not my language......isnt it....? Thats why people dont get my real message here lol

yuzu doesnt show "i want you i need you" yet infront of Mei(maybe next ch). She always talking it down on sister basis.

That's because Mei never did anything that would make Yuzu need her. While Yuzu tries her best to be there for her, be it as the girlfriend she wants to be or as the sister role she's being pushed into, Mei literally gives up as soon as the first problem arises.

and thats because mei always deal problem by herself. she is not used to have someone care for her. and this was during grandpa arc..when yuzu visit her at her old house..and said "i am here for you" ch 3 page 18-19
thats when she open herself up and let yuzu a little bit in by the end of volume 1.

the title of chapter 4 even said "sisterly love?"...\

In volume 1 mei/ think that yuzu really want to be a sister and at the of ch 4---she fell off guard by yuzu sudden move
in volume 2 mei-- open up about her father..during the graveyard. this is very important..scene because...mei finally open up to someone about her privat life. she was willing to share this with yuzu. ..while yuzu was thinking about having her way with mei(EAR LICKING scene and her ecchi thought about kissing mei)

most of you said she has no feeling---what a bitch....... no no no ..when mei arrive and realize that yuzu father was dead..she felt guilty towards yuzu and was touched by yuzu that ..she was willing to let her meet yuzu dad.

mei is a scare lil cat..who need to trust the owner first before playing with the owner freely.
her progress is very slow. ..seems like you audience wants Mei to open herself freely and fast as much as possible

thats not going to happen with mei.

Again, no matter what her past may be, that doesn't excuse any of her actions in the present. She's destroying their relationship, not her grandfather, not her father, not the teacher that harassed her. And certainly not Yuzu,

IT DOES EFFECT AND ITS NOT an EXCUSES........where do you live .........?
here an example from real life situation.

-an abusive hit everyday...when she grow up....its effects her-go ask those child
-you raised a kid .by not talking to them...not teaching how they should handle another human being. those child when he/she grow up. you will see the diffrent
-Mei is no diffrent. she got no physical abuse from her grandpa...but he raised her with no love but authority and discipline. he raised her like a soldier..........Thats effect her now....thats how she is. her father was like that too till late of adult age..until he realize that life is much better than that.

you sir by saying this....Its like a big fucking slap to those who face that destiny.
level of ignorants is to the MAXIMUM

Mei need someone who lose her abit from this tight world. and yuzu is perfect for her. Its hard to break the defensive wall that Mei has build over the years but by the end of the Manga...yuzu will get it.

Putting aside the fact that that's the most bullshitiest of arguments - with men and women being treated fundamentally different in Japan - just imagine Mei being a man. You would be writing tirades of hate right now.

whats the point here ?.. i didnt say its ok for mei to abuse yuzu. if you find that text...throw that at my face because i didnt . so dont put your words into my mouth.

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she was .........pushed someone down on desk by force and kissed her.....that is not sexuall harrassed to you? fine i go do that to anyone...lets see how they reacted...tzz stop with the bullshit of "innocenct"sexual harassment...thats LOL bullshit. are you serious now? if it was a men did that to wouldnt say that. she was fighting against yuzu kissed so thats against her will. FACT!

AND yes mei did that to yuzu as well. but thats not the point i am trying to say. i am trying to get you into..the mei views that during those actions.......

its clear that she wanted to gets in Mei pants...and she knows it. why you ignored facts from manga LOL mei even said ........during the shower scene."yuzu asked -why did you do that- mei goes because you look like you wanted it......."

what i am trying to say here is ....Mei knows that YUZU HAS DESIRE FOR HER...LIKE HER TEACHER AND HER BESTFRIEND has that desire......................... try to view that from her POV. .....but she doesnt know that those (from her friend and yuzu are LOVE)desire...are diffrent from her teacher .

Mei was being used by so many people in her life.- dealing those problem by herself alone. that she come to the point that she doesnt give a fuck about that.

My comments are all base on the manga...nothing more nothing less.

AND NOPE...yuzu need mei as much as she needed her...because thats love........what you want mei to show LOL did you completly ignored chapter 13 with the "I have good side and bad side....DO YOU WANT TO TAKE A LOOK INSIDE OF ME".....Mei throw her fear away after Matsuri arc and move forwards.

It was yuzu who wasnt ready with her feeling at that time.
she still fighting with guilt and sister complex...
and that confused mei ..too because she was sure...that yuzu also wanted it(sexual basis not love- mei doesnt understand love yet---all she knows is...that her body wanted yuzu)....with a rejected..she went back to her old self.
but its not a bad thing that yuzu rejected mei.

and i have said many many times...........that Mei isnt normal like any other girl in her class.......because she grew up without love. so you dont need to inform me that she is broken in multiple ways. there is a fucking reason why she is like that...and someone tell me because she is spoiled rich ass brat. ..fucking bullshit...who doenst even sit down and analyse her character. ...and only see her objectively

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First if you said you know yuzu that well because you follow her 14 chapter along than you should have know that Yuzu was struggle with her feeling during the entire series. The picture became clear for her during the chapter 14 that she deosnt want to be a sister but a lover.
During that process she was testing Mei out. Wasnt honest with herself. Outsider like Mei can be irritated by that easily but not us as a reader since we know her inner though.

During visit yuzu dad arc..yuzu decide to be a sister for mei. Keep that in mind till chapter 14.

Now turn table to Mei POV
You said Mei knows about Yuzu feeling during that scene in chairman rooms right? No she did not. Mei doesnt know what love is. She grew up lonely. Her dad left her with a grandpa who doesnt give a fuck about showing parenting love. He just throwing money around Mei thats it.

Mei know shit about love when yuzu pushed her down and kissed her. She was surprised by yuzu tears. In slowy process yuzu made her feel weird. She slowly fall for yuzu charm like she never felt for someone before.(during grandpa arc and her father arc)

Than during Matsuri arc she finally realize that her feeling for yuzu is more than just sister love...she felt jaelousy. After solving problem with Matsuri. She goes to the next step and open up for yuzu.

She does know that yuzu desire her....(BODY)
And let me tell you this why I wrote that way.

MEI GOT sexuell harrassed BY 3 person
1.the teacher
2.her childhood friend vice president
3.and yuzu

all three wanted to get in Mei pants.

and here comes the key words...."do you need me" she keep asking this.

Does Mei knows about the diffrent betweent poor lust no love and sexuell desire that comes with love?

For me...Mei doesnt know the diffrent she asking sara about "do you need me?".
if someone needed means that person would not leave her side. Like her grandpa needed her to take over the school.

yuzu doesnt show "i want you i need you" yet infront of Mei(maybe next ch). She always talking it down on sister basis.

And Mei return her defensive wall back on again.

If we dont have Mei POV than I am not gonna blame her for her action. In my views...I understand why she acted like that. And nope not spoiled brat at all. She has a huge fucking castle to live but choose to live with yuzu moms house instead.No servant No bodyguards.

She even sleeping on the floor instead of her own huge bed. It shows that she wanted a family. She doesnt want to live alone in that large house. She is down to earth than you think she is.

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Mei admited her feelings for Yuzu, but there was no lesson learned, and then she went back to her usual self.

she went back to her usual self because Yuzu rejected her when she open up about her feeling towards Yuzu.
when she did that move..Mei was obviously shock/hurt by it....and recovered it quickly by putting her cold masked on.
For Mei its ...the end......she think that yuzu .its not sure about her feeling(I assume that she think ...yuzu doesnt love her strong enought to go all out for her.)

Mei has a huge fear lose someone(Her father and her grandfather...and i guess she lost her mother too) ...I mean if you read the story again....and try to understand will see a sensetive girl trying to acted strong.

she HATES if things not under her control .....always follow the rules.......and yuzu is the definition of unpredictable to her....always doing stuff that she didnt expected.

and if you read chapter 14 again.......yuzu was not honest with her feelings towards mei. so i dont know why you are all ganging up on mei lmaooooooooooo there is a reason for her to be that way.

she even gave yuzu a chance to explain herself..and she FAILED it talking around the bush

I hope it doesn't come to a point where the main couple is not likeable anymore or worth rooting for.

will never happened the more people hates mei ...the more i defend her xD

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yeah....really...go type in youtube about cuddle thing in japan XD i could be wrong about the price...between 30-40$ per hour..just to cuddle. ....single men going there.......who only works and no social connection in real life.

they also pay for petting animals(since there is no space in tokyo to have a dog or cat). there is also host bar(like you see in anime) handsome men ...dress in suits....and serve for the ladies(normally middle ages woman- very RICH)...spend their times at host bar..cause their husband wont please them. ..and here is no sex involvet. Japanese men works all the time...and they are not romantic towards their wifes. Its always the other way around. The woman need to do everything for the men(cooking, cleaning the house etc).

there is a lot of pressure in asia. you cant talk back to your boss...or disrespect your senpei...unless you want to lose your job XD

so the japanese always come up with new release stress...they only have 15 days free(for a whole year.)

and thats why ---Love dolls- exist xD

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In japan its 100% possible for sleeping next to each other and not talking to each other. I ve read an article about a foreign guy who decide to leave USA and move to become an animator.

He got his jobs after 4 years..finally. Its working in anime studio pierrot(produce an anime such as Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul--one of the best)...they work 10 hours...but never talk to each other. They work in silent. everyone is on their desk and draws.

so stuff like common sense in japan society. You read a japanese manga...its normal that the story is base on their life style.

for example ..such as "student council" things seems to be an important in japan highschool----if you read school girl manga.......there is always student council president. (not that strict like it portrays in manga-) but still respect title.

you cannot your western lifestyle with japanese manga. ..saying..that would never happened. well not in your country.

despite all the hentei.......and porn.......being so exposed to the japan normal life.........people are sooooooooo anti-social with one another . thats why many people in japan kill themself. .because of the stress they are facing.

thats why there is a cuddle house(peole can go there just to cuddle- no sex) its weird to us......but they are willing to pay 40$ ..just to cuddle with mates.

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Oh good than....just wait a few more days....i hope someone doing a rought translation....i am dying to know what yuzu next move is.

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by the way............when is chapter 15 raw coming up..its been nearly 3 month _=?

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possibly. the question we all have to ask ourselves is, 'does Mei equate love with purpose/(self)worth or is she trying to see if Yuzu needs her not out of love, but for some other purpose'? by that, let's go back to the teacher she was "engaged" to. in that case, he did not love her. he wanted to use her. she was no more than a tool. with respect to her grandfather, while i am sure he loves her in this own way, she was being groomed to take over the school. so there as well, the grandfsther needed Mei, but for the purpose of the school. now we come to Yuzu. Yuzu does not need Mei for any purpose other than love. It will be interesting to see how Yuzu reacts to Mei's rejection, because once she thinks about the question, it should make her angry enough to confront Mei. We shall she.

oh shit..........with your version...i kinder get the picture now.

What we know is.
Mei doesnt know much about "LOVE as a Lover" and "LOVE as a family" thats is the fact.

-over the past....people always "needed her " but they kind of USED her. someway for their own benefits and it never BOTHER HER at all. She knows about the teacher using get her grandfather money but she doenst give a fuck about it.

-her grandpa NEEDED her..because..someone NEEEDED to take over the school cause her stupid father run away
but thats bother her a lot. she felt like she couldnt live her own life cause of these duties...she wanted to pleased her grandpa.

she asked these question over and over again "do you need me"

Yuzu is diffrent than the rest(if i am not guessing wrong lol) she doesnt NEED her for granted. WAIT WAIT !!!!!!!!

OH FUCK ..NOW I GET IT....holyshit

Mei thought that Yuzu NEEDED her for SEX..................omg............thats why the offer body part thing in chapter 13
omg ....this is it.

She though that Yuzu is like the rest of those folks who needed her for something. In this case is the body of Mei!

Now...Matsuri that lil bitch...mention it in chapter10 page 19

" love without sexual desire between girls no diffrent than being friends"

Mei doesnt know about love a person that comes with the sexual has nothing to do with "NEEDED"
but its normal that she feel that way when you love someone.

Now this girl Sara come to her...saying she needed her for love

that will totally...get her confused lol

She wanted to know what kind of "NEED" yuzu has. .............Yuzu did the right thing when Mei offer her body...but she refused it. Otherwise Mei would get it all wrong.

Mei is still "um so she rejected me..means she doesnt need me for sex? what is it than that Yuzu want?"

Mei think too complicated......all Yuzu want is..your heart....your love but she doesnt get it XD

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I'm more curious towards what Mei's true answer to Sara after Sara confessed, because it wasn't shown that Mei actually said something that resembles "Yes, let's go out" and also... Sara only confessed and didn't say something like "Would you go out with me?" or things like that. In other words, Mei's statement "I decided to go out with that person" might just be a lie to see how Yuzu would react to it.
Particularly Mei's last sentence to Sara at chapter 14 "Would you say... that you need me?". What's her following answer after that?

(covered the quotes in case it could be considered as spoiler)

hmm when i think about it..............yeah i found it odd too...during sara-mei conversation feels like something is disconnecting XD....

..mei mention a lot about "needed me" ......this words mean something for her.....and sara connected it with love in this chapter.....she said about "need" during her father arc too. i am not sure

could it be that she want yuzu to say that to her? she wants someone who needed her?

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but Mei already said her part...and it was about dating Sara. So what would Yuzu answer to that?
I dont think she would confess.....after hearing that...if so...than it would be surprising...what I would not expected.

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Jezz, what is there to understand Mei? Parents didn't loved her enough, so she doesn't know how to show love, so she assaults people when she likes them. She's also serious and all this lovely dovely crying game is beneath her.
She'd appreciate if Yuzu finally got over her whining and did her already. Bam, both happy.

hell......that was short but......BOOOM XD exactly. Mei always has her way to solve her .....own world. hiding....not showing weakness. thats why i said...she is the most sensetive one compare to yuzu.

Yuzu on the otherhand is a little bit open about her feeling.

haha yes we are all waiting for yuzu to snap...and fuck her sensless..for all the pain she has been through.....

I have some scene in my head after this chapter.
What would Yuzu said to Mei after hearing this.

Option Nr. 1

shocking by the news but try to gain confident back . looking up. took a deep breath.

"well congrats Mei. I guess is my turn now right?" yuzu acting tough

Mei nod but on the inside she was curious

"Well I ve though about us last night and come to consolution that...."

yuzu fight the urg to tear up

"....I want to be your sister. My feeling for you was just a crush. I was surprise by that kiss when you gave it me back than one has kissed me I was confused I guess......nevermind.
Lets stop doing those...kind of thing that sister shouldnt do. No kissing and intimidate touching. "

the pain that yuzu is feeling right now was unbearable........

"...Thats all I want you to know. "..turning around without waiting for Mei respond and walk to the elevator near it.

As soon as the door closed........she falling on the floor and cried her eyes out

that would be overfucking dramatic isnt it HAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

Scene Nr-2

yuzu snap......start a fight with her LOL

but i doubt this will happen.

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you might be right but i guess Yuzu was confuse too if Mei's feelings is actually the same with her. Throughout the chapters Mei was giving her mix signal and Yuzu was torn between forgetting her feelings and just act like a sister or tried to push their relationship to the next level. In ch9 Love or lie, Yuzu ask what is the meaning of the different kind of kiss they share and Mei told her that "There is no meaning to it. we're both girls and to top it off we are sisters so obviously we shouldn't try to become more than that". Yuzu take Mei's words much seriously that she tried to become just a sister and the reason why she keep on using the "we are sisters" excuse.
Actually I think they are both confuse on what the other feels. Because in ch13 the reason Mei use for giving Yuzu what she desired is because she was grateful for all the things Yuzu did for her. If Mei didn't say "I'm grateful to you" and let Yuzu have her way with her body maybe things would be different because Yuzu thought that Mei was just doing it because she was grateful and not because she loves her. And Mei, not really understand why Yuzu apologize and refuse her took it as Yuzu not wanting to "take a peek inside her" the person who she really is. This is the first time Mei tried to show as much emotion as she can to someone and when she finally tried to open up to Yuzu she was rejected. I'm sure she was really hurt by it though Yuzu didn't mean to do that to her. In a way their misunderstanding is the reason why they end up hurting each other. "Endlessly entangled hearts mutually missed" is really the best words to describe the latest chapter :)

its nice that you try to tell me how Yuzu feel about Mei. I know that already honey xD(dont want to sound cocky) cause we are all reading the manga in yuzu perspective. The reason why I point Mei perspective out(trying to understand why she acting cold bitchy) cause most of these comments in here dissing Mei.
They just forget that we as the readers......only see Yuzu though, emotional side. We understand her but not Mei.

I need to read the chapter.....2 or 3 understand what Mei felt.

Mei is confused by Yuzu too. Her(Yuzu) sister complex mixed between lover complex...switch on and off.

She want to be a good sister to Mei thats why she hestitated(the things with Mei father and how lonely Mei grew up). She is thoughtful and a caring person but at the same time she has that desire..that are totally new for her as well. ..and I cant blame her for hahah..Mei is just a god damn heartbreaker. Woman always falling in love with the bad one xD

both are like the dumb duo ......dumb and dumber

I hope that Mei didnt drag Sara into this...I hope that she was lying to Yuzu........but the respond of Sara is too happy for she did really agree with the dating stuff.

But I like the first option more. So we dont see a brokenheart Sara. By dragging her in this just gonna complicated things -.-......lets see what the doing with chapter 15. I guess it will be out soon...

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wait wait wait XD what drama..............and thanks for translation and edit the manga @Queenofyuri

i need moreeeeee yuri with drama ahhaa feed meeeeeeeeeeeee MORRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEE