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page arrangement for chapter 2 is wrong. the last page should be first.

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So at first, that device is supposed to explode when it's limit is passed. Then, it simply explode at the first sign of flirting. Logical conclusion : NicoxMaki always flirt past the max right off the bat. XD

And Nozomi totally sabotaged the mochi pounding one. -o-

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relationship goals tbh


joined Jan 8, 2014

There's more right? Cuz this is to cute and ridiculous to ever end ^_^ <3

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That was a must read for nicomaki shippers. So cute, I hope that in a chapter maki and nico can flirt without explosions xD

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im sick of these love live! doujin already...

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im sick of these love live! doujin already...

dont read it

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This was really cute and funny, gotta love Nozomi and Alissa in the mochi pounding one

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im sick of these love live! doujin already...

Well I'm not and neither are plenty of other people.

Also - which do you think is easier - you NOT reading a doujin if you don't like it, or us reading one we want to that doesn't exist?

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Ah, Maki in that last one was smooooooth. Also, this is complete, right?

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This is absurd...... and cute

drpepperfan Admin
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Ah, Maki in that last one was smooooooth. Also, this is complete, right?

Complete for noooow. It's a Pixiv thing, could update again possibly.

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This was hilarious. I almost don't want it to end.

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Man, it's so refreshing seeing Maki actually all over Nico without any signs of tsundering aroung

But yeah, they had no chance

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Finally added here in Dynasty.. and why is the date for uploads not today.. That's confusing tho..
Thank you for the translation!

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"She's like a small animal, so she should be under the country's protection system..."
I don't know why I found that to be so hilarious.

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Aww yes I remember seeing this on Facebook. Nicomaki is totally adorable!

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Hey Nozomi, that's cheating in ch3

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Aww, that was sweet!

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NikoMaki is sooooo much better when they skip the tsundere bullshit and just go straight to flirting and cuddling. :3

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That was brilliant. I love it!

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After happened 3 times how can they keep forgetting xD

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