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July 24, 2021
TakaMori - Bittersweet memories by CherryInTheSun Virtual Youtuber Doujin and hololive Doujin released Jul 24 '21 Calliope x Kiara Romance Yuri
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SHNVA by Huángguā Touhou Project Doujin released Jul 24 '21 Age gap Marriage NSFW No text Reimu x Yukari Yuri
July 23, 2021
Ah... and Mm... Are All She Says ch14: Outcome by Kondou Shouma released Jul 23 '21 Adult life Co-worker Disability Ecchi Mangaka Roommates
The Results of My Author/Classmate Discovering My Yuri Obsession ch84: The Cliche Ending by Kon released Jul 23 '21 4-koma Comedy Full colour Kuudere School life Slice of life Yuri
Nocturne by Komaku Juushoku Touhou Project Doujin released Jul 23 '21 Keine x Mokou Tragedy Yuri
A Story About a Woman Who Came to the Meeting Place With a Risky Appearance and the Woman Who Loves Her by Tsuruse Original Doujin released Jul 22 '21 Full colour Yuri
July 22, 2021
Takasaki Yu Is Interested In Lesbian Brothels! Round 2 by Kitaku Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club Doujin released Jul 22 '21 Anilingus Lots of sex NSFW Pay for gay Sequel Yu x Everyone Yuri
My Younger Senpai ch06: Cinema by Hinohara Fuki released Jul 22 '21 Age gap Big breasts Childhood friends Ecchi Molestation NSFW School girl Time travel Yuri
Gold Ship and McQueen by Yomesuke Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Doujin released Jul 22 '21 Comedy Full colour Gold Ship x Mejiro McQueen
Kami eshi JK to OL fujoshi ch18: I was so helpless that the tears... just wouldn't stop flowing by Sato released Jul 22 '21 Age gap Comedy Mangaka Office lady Romance School girl Yuri
Tadokoro-san (web comic) ch92 by Tatsubon released Jul 22 '21 Blushing Comedy Height gap Idiot couple Mangaka Romance School girl Wholesome Yuri
A Story About Being Loved By A Junior You Don't Get Along With ch04 by Yuto Sakura released Jul 22 '21 Cross-dressing School life Yuri
With a Lady Who Likes My Sister ch05: Permeating Into Her Life by Sinkun released Jul 22 '21 Adult life Comedy Mangaka Roommates Yuri
Otherside Picnic ch41: Attack of the Ninja Cats V by Miyazawa Iori and Mizuno Eita released Jul 22 '21 Action Adventure Anime Drama Glasses Guns and explosions Horror Mystery Psychological Romance Sci-fi Supernatural Violence Yuri
Blue Skin, Big Tits and a Fucking Loner ch06: Archery Exam by Zyugoya released Jul 22 '21 Angel Big breasts Comedy Demon Fantasy Full colour
Confession - After by Meno released Jul 22 '21 Romance School life Yuri
Watashi wa Kimi wo Nakasetai ch32: It's Not Like That by Fumio Aya released Jul 22 '21 Delinquent Kabedon School life Yuri
You are totally in love with me, aren't you? ch26 by Youha released Jul 22 '21 Comedy Height gap School life Yuri
Whispering You a Love Song ch25 by Takeshima Eku released Jul 22 '21 Blushing Music Romance School life Yuri
Ise-san and Shima-san ch13 by Tokuwo Tsumu released Jul 22 '21 Adult life Co-worker Office lady Roommates Subtext
A Song To Smile To by Fuji Love Live! Doujin released Jul 22 '21 Maki x Nico Yuri
start up. by chabo Love Live! Doujin released Jul 22 '21 Eli x Nozomi Maki x Nico Nico x Nozomi Yuri
The Two of Them Are Pretty Much Like This ch75 by Ikeda Takashi released Jul 22 '21 Adult life Age gap Comedy Couple life Glasses Slice of life Wholesome Yuri
Stardust Telepath ch24 by Okuma Rasuko released Jul 22 '21 4-koma Alien Blushing Comedy School life Sci-fi Subtext
My Girlfriend's Not Here Today ch02: Endearment by Iwami Kiyoko released Jul 22 '21 Ecchi Love triangle NSFW School girl School life Yuri