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Also known as ntr

Eve's Medicine ch05 by Flowerchild Ueda released May 16 '20 Age gap Lolicon Lots of sex NSFW Netorare School girl Student x Teacher Threesome Toys Yuri
Yutori Zenpen by Homura Subaru Original Doujin released Jan 15 '20 NSFW Netorare School girl Yuri
Moon Behind Clouds by Kodama Naoko released Nov 21 '19 Bisexual Cheating Het Netorare Yuri
Underground Colosseum Sen ch03 by Bowalia Original Doujin released Jan 28 '19 Action Drama Incest Muscles NSFW Netorare Puking Rape Ryona Violence Yuri
Marionette by Takemiya Jin released Jun 29 '18 Cheating Netorare School girl Yuri
Immoral Longings by Mira released Jan 9 '18 Lots of sex NSFW Netorare Rape School girl Threesome Yuri
Your Fault by Kuzushiro released Aug 29 '16 Aaaaaangst Childhood friends Drama Love triangle Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Netorare Yuri
Inside Mud, in the Bottom of a Dream by Asatsuki Dou Puella Magi Madoka Magica Doujin released Apr 22 '13 Drama Lots of sex Lots of tentacles Madoka x Mami NSFW Netorare Rape Yuri
Poyopacho Crisis by Poyopacho Mai Hime Doujin released Feb 19 '09 Arika x Shizuru Lots of sex NSFW Netorare Shizuru x Natsuki Toys Yuri