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Also known as ntr

Beloved Paintings ch08: Madonna by Mimoto Original Doujin released Apr 12 '22 NSFW Rape Yuri
I Want to Dye You in my Colors and Create Memories by NOSA Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club Doujin released Dec 8 '21 Anal Drugs Kasumi x Shizuku Lots of sex NSFW Rape Toys Yandere Yuri
Jyoshikou Dakara Safe ch29 by Ouchi released Jun 14 '21 Blackmail Comedy Drama Ecchi Foiled rape attempt NSFW School life Yuri
Sensei, Even I... by Nagashiro Rouge released Aug 8 '20 Age gap Big breasts Blackmail Cheating Gyaru Lots of sex NSFW Reversal Student x Teacher Toys Yuri
Since I've Always Liked You, I Can Make You Crazy, Right? by vanilla released Aug 8 '20 Big breasts Cheating Lots of sex NSFW Rape School girl Toys Yuri
Secret After-School Coaching by Nochita Shin released Aug 8 '20 Blackmail Boob sex Cheating Glasses Lots of sex NSFW School girl Yuri
Untitled Rosa x Zima comic by DYX Arknights Doujin released Jul 26 '20 Cheating Istina x Zima Rosa x Zima Yuri
The Twin Fruits by Midorinocha released Jun 21 '20 Lots of sex NSFW School girl Toys Twins Yuri
Eve's Medicine ch05 by Flowerchild Ueda released May 16 '20 Age gap Lolicon Lots of sex NSFW School girl Student x Teacher Threesome Toys Yuri
Yutori Zenpen by Homura Subaru Original Doujin released Jan 15 '20 NSFW School girl Yuri
Moon Behind Clouds by Kodama Naoko released Nov 21 '19 Bisexual Cheating Het Yuri
Underground Colosseum Sen ch03 by Bowalia Original Doujin released Jan 28 '19 Action Drama Incest Muscles NSFW Puking Rape Ryona Violence Yuri
Sister Sun, Sister Moon by Liliya released Jun 29 '18 Age gap Lots of sex NSFW Pseudo-incest Rape School life Student x Teacher Threesome Twins Yuri
Marionette by Takemiya Jin released Jun 29 '18 Age gap Cheating School girl Yuri
Immoral Longings by Mira released Jan 9 '18 Lots of sex NSFW Rape School girl Threesome Yuri
Your Fault by Kuzushiro released Aug 29 '16 Aaaaaangst Childhood friends Drama Love triangle Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Yuri
Mirei-san is Captured By A3 by Mira Valkyrie Drive Doujin released Jan 29 '16 Akira x Mamori Comedy Ecchi Mamori x Mirei Yuri
Inside Mud, in the Bottom of a Dream by Asatsuki Dou Puella Magi Madoka Magica Doujin released Apr 22 '13 Drama Lots of sex Lots of tentacles Madoka x Mami NSFW Rape Yuri