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Also known as Love Live Perfect Dream Project

An Ear-to-Ear Smile Without Saying Anything by Ast released Aug 24 '18 Comedy Ecchi Karin x Kasumi Masturbation Yuri
KasuRina by Hoshino Shiho released Jun 18 '19 Full colour Kasumi x Rina Yuri
A Present from Santa by Wehihi released Dec 27 '19 4-koma Ai x Rina Christmas Full colour Read left to right
Mifune-san and Tennoji-san by Riizu released Mar 29 '20 Full colour No text Rina x Shioriko Yuri
AnaPomu on the Balcony by Riizu released Apr 21 '20 Ayumu x Yu Yuri
Happy birthday, Setsuna! by Drill released Aug 8 '20 Ayumu x Setsuna Birthday Yuri
→← by Let released Aug 20 '20 Kasumi x Yu Yuri
You spoke only love / From your pretty lips by Deadnoodles released Sep 21 '20 Aaaaaangst Drama Karin x Kasumi Yuri
Dokidoki Euphoria by Kitaku released Oct 8 '20 Kasumi x Setsuna Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Yuri
Seeking Ayumus by 3ok released Oct 11 '20 Ayumu x Yu Full colour Yuri
Kasumin's Treat by Ueno Kouki released Oct 24 '20 Kasumi x Shizuku Yuri
Ayumu Wants The Attention of Yuu Who's Calling Setsuna by Kasalist released Nov 5 '20 Ayumu x Yu Blushing Full colour Image set Smell Yuri
YuuPomu before "Say Good-Bye Tears" by Donpa released Nov 6 '20 Ayumu x Yu Full colour
Happy Birthday, Rina-chan!!! by Mezashi released Nov 14 '20 Birthday
Passing Down Secrets by Wehihi released Nov 18 '20 4-koma Comedy Full colour Kasumi x Yu Parody Read left to right
Yuu x Pomu Getting Along-Pyon by Kanbayashi Makoto released Dec 15 '20 Ayumu x Yu Ecchi Yuri
Angsty AyuSetsu by Sanya released Dec 16 '20 Aaaaaangst Ayumu x Setsuna Drama Read left to right
SetsuAyu Neck-tying by Drill released Dec 17 '20 4-koma Ayumu x Setsuna Full colour Yuri
Dream Without Yuu by saramanda_kun released Dec 19 '20 Ayumu x Yu Depressing as fuck Yuri
Kinder-Primary-Middle AyumuYuu Compilation by Ast released Dec 19 '20 4-koma Ayumu x Yu Comedy Full colour Yuri
SetsuKasu Pocky Game by esakigabriel released Dec 19 '20 Kasumi x Setsuna Pocky game Yuri
Uehara Ayumu on the 100th Day by orihi released Dec 19 '20 Ayumu x Yu Depressing as fuck Love triangle Yuri
Kasumin's New Clothes by Deadnoodles released Dec 24 '20 Comedy Exhibitionism Full colour NSFW
YuuPomu On A Snowy Day by Liz released Dec 26 '20 Ayumu x Yu Yuri
Can We Hold Hands? by Inee released Dec 26 '20 Ai x Rina Insane Amounts of Hand-holding No text Yuri
If Ayumu and Ayumu were to Meet by Tera released Jan 2 '21 4-koma Clones Comedy
Morning Activities by Kitaku released Jan 3 '21 Ayumu x Yu NSFW Yuri
Pomu protecting (You) from the virus by Mizunoe released Jan 4 '21 Ayumu x Yu Full colour Yandere Yuri
HimeKari Ideal and Reality by Kitaku released Jan 7 '21 Himeno x Karin NSFW Wishful thinking Yuri
What Kasumin Thinks of Her Senpai by Yuuki released Jan 13 '21 Kasumi x Yu
lost in translation by dam released Jan 18 '21 Emma x Karin Full colour Read left to right
Kasumin's Hairpin by Inee released Jan 20 '21 Comedy Kasumi x Shizuku No text
The "Whoever Orgasms First Will Be The Bottom" Duel by Kitaku released Jan 21 '21 Kasumi x Shizuku Lots of sex NSFW Yuri
Honest Feelings by Osaka Kei released Jan 23 '21 Birthday Kasumi x Setsuna Yuri
Kasumi→→←←Nana by Potto Oyu released Jan 23 '21 Blushing Kasumi x Setsuna Tsundere Yuri
Into Eleven Pieces by evrygrs released Jan 23 '21 4-koma Birthday Comedy
Diamond & Drops by Cogane Hana released Jan 24 '21 Kasumi x Shizuku Yuri
ShioPomu - Harry Potter AU by TastyBab and rolling12321 released Jan 24 '21 Aaaaaangst Alternate reality Ayumu x Shioriko Read left to right Yuri
a good-natured devil...? by dam released Feb 3 '21 Alternate reality Demon Emma x Karin Read left to right Yuri
Valentine's and Kasumi by Mezashi released Feb 13 '21 Kabedon Kasumi x Yu Valentine's Wishful thinking Yuri
Yu-senpai and Kasumi's Valentine's by Mezashi released Feb 13 '21 Kasumi x Yu No text Valentine's Yuri
ShizuKasu Valentine's Comic by Ueno Kouki released Feb 13 '21 Kasumi x Shizuku Valentine's Yuri
Shiritori by Kanbayashi Makoto released Feb 23 '21 Ai x Rina Yuri
Kasumin DEAD OR ALIVE by Miyamaki released Feb 25 '21 Comedy Kasumi x Shizuku Yuri
Happy Birthday, Ayumu-chan! by Drill released Mar 1 '21 Ayumu x Setsuna Full colour Yuri
Happy Birthday, Ayumu-chan by Mezashi released Mar 2 '21 Ayumu x Yu Birthday
Ayuumu Birthday Present by JOA1030 released Mar 3 '21 Ayumu x Yu Birthday Full colour
Niji-chan Matome by Mezashi released Mar 14 '21 4-koma Comedy Emma x Karin Kasumi x Setsuna
Niji-chan Manga and Drawing Matome by Mezashi released Mar 14 '21 4-koma Ayumu x Yu Comedy
YuKasu Matome by Mezashi released Mar 15 '21 Comedy Kasumi x Yu Yuri
A Small Contest by Majime na Gakuinsei released Mar 15 '21 Setsuna x Yu Yuri
Truth Game by Dorimi released Apr 13 '21 Comedy Read left to right
Episode 12, Part C by Hijiki released May 1 '21 Ayumu x Yu Yuri
SetsuKarin and the Bath by Mia released May 20 '21 Bath Comedy Full colour Karin x Setsuna Yuri
SetsuAyu After 3rd Live by myonglette released May 28 '21 Ayumu x Setsuna Prequel Yuri
Please Stop Asking! by Mizukaga Syou released Jun 1 '21 Full colour Kasumi x Setsuna Yuri
Apron Happiness by Takitarou released Jun 1 '21 Ayumu x Setsuna x Yu Comedy
SetsuAyu After 3rd Live Again by myonglette released Jun 7 '21 Ayumu x Setsuna Sequel Yuri
Takasaki Yu Is Interested In Lesbian Brothels! by Kitaku released Jun 17 '21 Lots of sex NSFW Parody Pay for gay Prostitution Toys Yu x Everyone Yuri