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Also known as Love Live Perfect Dream Project

An Ear-to-Ear Smile Without Saying Anything by Ast released Aug 24 '18 Comedy Ecchi Karin x Kasumi Masturbation Yuri
KasuRina by Hoshino Shiho released Jun 18 '19 Full colour Kasumi x Rina Yuri
A Present from Santa by Wehihi released Dec 27 '19 4-koma Ai x Rina Christmas Full colour Read left to right
Mifune-san and Tennoji-san by Riizu released Mar 29 '20 Full colour No text Rina x Shioriko Yuri
AnaPomu on the Balcony by Riizu released Apr 21 '20 Ayumu x Yu Yuri
Happy birthday, Setsuna! by Drill released Aug 8 '20 Ayumu x Setsuna Birthday Yuri
→← by Let released Aug 20 '20 Kasumi x Yu Yuri
You spoke only love / From your pretty lips by Deadnoodles released Sep 21 '20 Aaaaaangst Drama Karin x Kasumi Yuri
Dokidoki Euphoria by Kitaku released Oct 8 '20 Kasumi x Setsuna Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Yuri
Seeking Ayumus by 3ok released Oct 11 '20 Ayumu x Yu Full colour Yuri
Kasumin's Treat by ueno kouki released Oct 24 '20 Kasumi x Shizuku Yuri
Ayumu Wants The Attention of Yuu Who's Calling Setsuna by Kasalist released Nov 5 '20 Ayumu x Yu Blushing Full colour Image set Smell Yuri
YuuPomu before "Say Good-Bye Tears" by Donpa released Nov 6 '20 Ayumu x Yu Full colour
Happy Birthday, Rina-chan!!! by Mezashi released Nov 14 '20 Birthday
Passing Down Secrets by Wehihi released Nov 18 '20 4-koma Comedy Full colour Kasumi x Yu Parody Read left to right
Yuu x Pomu Getting Along-Pyon by Kanbayashi Makoto released Dec 15 '20 Ayumu x Yu Ecchi Yuri
Angsty AyuSetsu by Sanya released Dec 16 '20 Aaaaaangst Ayumu x Setsuna Drama Read left to right
SetsuAyu Neck-tying by Drill released Dec 17 '20 4-koma Ayumu x Setsuna Full colour Yuri
Dream Without Yuu by 精密度100% released Dec 19 '20 Ayumu x Yu Depressing as fuck Yuri
Kinder-Primary-Middle AyumuYuu Compilation by Ast released Dec 19 '20 4-koma Ayumu x Yu Comedy Full colour Yuri
SetsuKasu Pocky Game by esakigabriel released Dec 19 '20 Kasumi x Setsuna Pocky game Yuri
Uehara Ayumu on the 100th Day by orihi released Dec 19 '20 Ayumu x Yu Depressing as fuck Love triangle Yuri
Kasumin's New Clothes by Deadnoodles released Dec 24 '20 Comedy Exhibitionism Full colour NSFW
Can We Hold Hands? by inee released Dec 26 '20 Ai x Rina Insane Amounts of Hand-holding No text Yuri
YuuPomu On A Snowy Day by Liz released Dec 26 '20 Ayumu x Yu Yuri
If Ayumu and Ayumu were to Meet by Tera released Jan 2 '21 4-koma Clones Comedy
Morning Activities by Kitaku released Jan 3 '21 Ayumu x Yu NSFW Yuri
Pomu protecting (You) from the virus by Mizunoe released Jan 4 '21 Ayumu x Yu Full colour Yandere Yuri
HimeKari Ideal and Reality by Kitaku released Jan 7 '21 Himeno x Karin NSFW Wishful thinking Yuri
What Kasumin Thinks of Her Senpai by Yuuki released Jan 13 '21 Kasumi x Yu
lost in translation by dam released Jan 18 '21 Emma x Karin Full colour Read left to right
Kasumin's Hairpin by inee released Jan 20 '21 Comedy Kasumi x Shizuku No text
The "Whoever Orgasms First Will Be The Bottom" Duel by Kitaku released Jan 21 '21 Kasumi x Shizuku Lots of sex NSFW Yuri
Into Eleven Pieces by evrygrs released Jan 23 '21 4-koma Birthday Comedy
Honest Feelings by Osaka Kei released Jan 23 '21 Birthday Kasumi x Setsuna Yuri
Kasumi→→←←Nana by Potto Oyu released Jan 23 '21 Blushing Kasumi x Setsuna Tsundere Yuri
Diamond & Drops by Cogane Hana released Jan 24 '21 Kasumi x Shizuku Yuri
ShioPomu - Harry Potter AU by TastyBab and rolling12321 released Jan 24 '21 Aaaaaangst Alternate reality Ayumu x Shioriko Read left to right Yuri
a good-natured devil...? by dam released Feb 3 '21 Alternate reality Demon Emma x Karin Read left to right Yuri
Valentine's and Kasumi by Mezashi released Feb 13 '21 Kabedon Kasumi x Yu Valentine's Wishful thinking Yuri
Yu-senpai and Kasumi's Valentine's by Mezashi released Feb 13 '21 Kasumi x Yu No text Valentine's Yuri
ShizuKasu Valentine's Comic by ueno kouki released Feb 13 '21 Kasumi x Shizuku Valentine's Yuri
Shiritori by Kanbayashi Makoto released Feb 23 '21 Ai x Rina Yuri
Kasumin DEAD OR ALIVE by Miyamaki released Feb 25 '21 Comedy Kasumi x Shizuku Yuri
Happy Birthday, Ayumu-chan! by Drill released Mar 1 '21 Ayumu x Setsuna Yuri
Happy Birthday, Ayumu-chan by Mezashi released Mar 2 '21 Ayumu x Yu Birthday
Ayuumu Birthday Present by JOA1030 released Mar 3 '21 Ayumu x Yu Birthday Full colour