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When a submissive character becomes dominant and/or vice versa.

Gyaru-chan and Megane-chan ch01 by Kishi Torajirou released Mar 27 '21 Blushing Ecchi Exhibitionism Feet Glasses Gyaru Image set Lots of groping Lots of sex NSFW Reversal Romance School girl Tsundere Yuri
Yuri Where Being Top or Bottom Always Matters by Jako Nasuki Touhou Project Doujin released Mar 20 '21 Nue x Seija Reversal Yuri
The Lily Blooms Addled ch04 by Titiduki released Mar 10 '21 Age gap Big breasts Blushing Incest Lots of sex NSFW Reversal School girl Toys Yuri
How Shinobi Girls Play Around by Harumachi Tsurara released Mar 8 '21 Ahegao Anal BDSM Clones Drugs Historical Lots of kissing Lots of sex NSFW Ninja Orgy Rape Reversal Toys Wholesome Yuri
The Day I Tried to Go on the Offensive by Tamasaki Tama released Feb 21 '21 Adult life Office lady Reversal Yuri
Tadokoro-san (web comic) ch79 by Tatsubon released Feb 5 '21 Blushing Comedy Height gap Mangaka Reversal Romance School girl Wholesome Yuri
This Succubus Won't Lose to a Lolicon! by Wakadori Nikomi released Jan 24 '21 Age gap Blackmail Dark skin Demon Lolicon Lots of sex NSFW Reversal Smell Watersports Yuri
Gebuhod Kabedon Comic by Gabsu Lobotomy Corporation Doujin released Jan 18 '21 Gebura x Hod Kabedon Read left to right Reversal Yuri
Sweet Gap ch02 by Aoko released Jan 18 '21 Comedy Glasses Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Reversal School girl Yuri
Masochist Girl and Dejected Mistress ch01 by Kitsunegasaki released Jan 5 '21 BDSM Big breasts Comedy Molestation Reversal School life Tsundere Yuri
Null Hug by Kawauchi released Dec 29 '20 BDSM Bisexual Blackmail Cheating Co-worker Drama Lots of sex NSFW Office lady Reversal Yuri
How to Make a Woman Fall in Love With You by Konbu Wakame released Oct 19 '20 Comedy Kabedon Reversal School life Tomboy Yuri
Teary-eyed Prince by Mashimaru released Sep 1 '20 Childhood friends Glasses Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Prostitution Reversal Yuri
Handsome Girl and Sheltered Girl ch12: Hidden Side by Majoccoid and Mochi Au Lait released Sep 1 '20 Blushing College Comedy Drunk Reversal Romance Tomboy Yuri
Sugar Cigaret by Iwami Kiyoko released Aug 22 '20 Drama Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Prostitution Reversal Yuri
I Tried Getting Back at My Sadist Girlfriend Who Hurt Her Hand and Can't Fight Back. by Mochi Au Lait released Aug 17 '20 Adult life NSFW Reversal Tomboy Yuri
Sensei, Even I... by Nagashiro Rouge released Aug 8 '20 Age gap Big breasts Blackmail Cheating Gyaru Lots of sex NSFW Netorare Reversal Student x Teacher Toys Yuri
A Story About Doing XX to Girls From Different Species ch15 by Suimin released Aug 2 '20 Comedy Food Furry Monster girl Player Reversal School life Witch Yuri
Let's Kiss Once Just For Fun by Hashimoto Kurara Original Doujin released Jun 1 '20 Kabedon Reversal School girl Tsundere Yuri
The Solution to Sexlessness! by Suzuki Senpai released May 23 '20 Adult life Lots of sex NSFW Reversal Yuri
The Two Of You Are So Lewd! by Kamotama Azur Lane Doujin released Mar 6 '20 Kaga x Hiryuu x Zuikaku Lots of sex NSFW Reversal Threesome Yuri
Our Time Together by Abutomato Puella Magi Madoka Magica Doujin released Mar 4 '20 Age gap Lolicon Lots of sex Mami x Nagisa NSFW Reversal Yuri
Yuri Couple ch04 by Waflove released Jan 6 '20 404: Men Not Found Blushing Comedy Full colour Lots of hugging Lots of kissing Moe up the butt Onions Princess carry Reversal Romance School girl Slice of life Wholesome Yuri
Hino-san no Baka ch44 by Kinniku Tarou released Nov 11 '19 404: Men Not Found Blushing Comedy Delinquent Hair Height gap Idiot couple Reversal School girl Yuri
Let's Play With Ah-chan by Sakayama Shinta It's Not My Fault That I'm Not Popular! Doujin released Sep 21 '19 Akane x Nemoto Defloration Lots of sex NSFW Nemoto x Tomoko Reversal Toys Yuri