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Chapter and one-shots that focus on or take place during Christmas.

Christmas Magic by Meno Love Live! Doujin released May 24 '21 Christmas Eli x Nozomi NSFW Yuri
Our Days Under One Roof ch14 by Inui Ayu released Feb 19 '21 Adult life Autobiographical Christmas Comedy Mangaka Romance Slice of life Wholesome Yuri
I'm an Elite Angel, But I'm Troubled By an Impregnable High School Girl ch10.1: The Angel's Merry Christmas - Part 2 by Noyama released Feb 14 '21 Christmas Comedy Ecchi Fantasy NSFW Romance Yuri
Misaki by Morino Ikura Original Doujin released Jan 18 '21 Christmas Drama School girl Tragedy Yuri
Today I'll (Make You) Confess ch03: Christmas Special by Minami released Jan 8 '21 Christmas Full colour Height gap Idiot couple School girl Tsundere Yuri
Kusanagi-Sensei is Being Tested ch15 by Yasuda Kousuke released Jan 2 '21 4-koma Age gap Blushing Christmas Comedy Student x Teacher Yuri
A Room For Two ch68 by Yukiko released Dec 28 '20 4-koma Christmas College Comedy Romance Roommates School girl School life Slice of life Wholesome Yuri
The Christmas Private Tutor by Pandacorya released Dec 27 '20 Age gap Christmas Comedy Glasses NSFW Yuri
Santa Exists, She's Right Here by Marimuu Love Live! Doujin released Dec 25 '20 Christmas Maki x Nico Yuri
Merry Tokinoriko Christmas by Mikawa Miso The Idolmaster Doujin released Dec 25 '20 Age gap Christmas Noriko x Tokiko Yuri
A Little Christmas Comic by Todo Puella Magi Madoka Magica Doujin released Dec 25 '20 Christmas Comedy Homura x Kyouko Homura x Madoka Yuri
It's Fine, As Long as Patchouli-sama Is Happy by Mizuki Ichigo Touhou Project Doujin released Dec 21 '20 Christmas Koakuma x Patchouli Marisa x Patchouli Yuri
Hello, Melancholic! ch13.5: Special EP - スノウリバース by Ohsawa Yayoi released Dec 13 '20 Christmas Music Romance School life Yuri
Even If It Was Just Once, I Regret It ch16: You're All I Can Think About by Miyahara Miyako released Dec 1 '20 Big breasts Christmas Comedy Ecchi Glasses Pay for gay Romance Slice of life Yuri
Tadokoro-san ch17.5: Christmas by Tatsubon released Oct 7 '20 Blushing Christmas Comedy Height gap Idiot couple Mangaka Romance Wholesome Yuri
Tsuki to Suppin ch26 by Akegata Yuu released Aug 27 '20 Adult life Christmas Glasses Slice of life Yuri
Suito-to! ch07: Motsunabe by Yui Okino released Jul 13 '20 Christmas College Food Yuri
Handsome Girl and Sheltered Girl ch09: One Step Forward by Majoccoid and Mochi Au Lait released Jun 15 '20 Blushing Christmas College Comedy Romance Tomboy Yuri
Clownpiece's Christmas by Hirasaka Makoto Touhou Project Doujin released Apr 24 '20 Christmas Comedy Fantasy
Surprise Christmas by Sal Jiang Original Doujin released Feb 27 '20 Cheating Christmas Comedy Yuri
Her Kiss - Infectious Lust : Extra 3: Twinkle Hearts by Yorita Miyuki Original Doujin released Jan 19 '20 Christmas Romance School girl Yuri
Saki and Yachi Modern Parody (?) Christmas by Houzuki Touhou Project Doujin released Jan 19 '20 Christmas Saki x Yachie Yuri
ReiMari Christmas by Himari-san Yanaika Touhou Project Doujin released Jan 18 '20 Christmas Full colour Image set Lots of sex Marisa x Reimu NSFW Yuri
Catulus Syndrome ch69 by Neko Tarou released Jan 17 '20 Animal ears Blushing Christmas Comedy School life Tsundere Yuri
The Night Before Christmazoku by Poitaiga The Demon Girl Next Door Doujin released Jan 12 '20 Christmas Momo x Yuuko Yuri