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One of my favorite series by far, I love how interesting the characters are and their dynamic.

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This was featured on front page! thanks, I remember this was awesome XP might read soon again

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Good read. I'm glad this got featured or else I'd probably never read this.
Hoshino reminds me of Tibetan Sand Fox from Kemono Friends.

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this is pretty similar to sougou tovarisch
yuu and hoshino are both this silence yet wacky character and hanai and kanna are both this energetic over the top very expresive character.
the dinamics between both pairs are pretty similar both start with this one sided kind of rivalry and theres other similarities yet i feel like sougou tovarisch was way better (except for the fact that isn´t fully translated)
maybe is the fact that the suport cast is fun AF or the fact that the story always expands without lossing the focus on the main pair like a kiss and a white lilly or the fact that the relationship between kana and yuu always evolve and we learn things about the characters continously
don´t missunderstand me i really like this one but considering all the similarities i can´t stop thinking that this one pales in comparation to sougou tovarisch
but was a really fun manga nonetheless

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Good choice for a featured work, this is one of my all-time favourites. The only thing I disliked is the ending itself. I liked it a lot how the senpai received quality character growth and came to terms with her unrequited feelings and all, it was one of the most emotional moments in this manga, only for the final chapter to do a 180 on that for "comedic" value. Bleh. Just bleh. Oh, and the guy. The I-will-not-give-up-on-aggressively-pursuing-you-despite-you-clearly-rejecting-me-unless-you-give-me-the-name-of-the-person-you-are-dating-that-is-the-only-way-I-will-ever-stop-coming-onto-you guy. There never was a character in such a desperate need to get hit by a truck. These two really soured the ending for me, if not for them it would be 10/10.

Edit: Lmao, I just turned the previous page in the thread, and found my post from the last time "Hana to Hoshi" was featured, and it was basically the same comment as now... holy fuck, I fail so hard sometimes...

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Bit late. Since I've been through so many exp, I can easily agree on why story ends this way.
*Rule number one: If you think you're in advantage being her childhood friend or "I've been friends since forever", you're definitely not getting your relationship anywhere . Logic. If she's is CURRENTLY into someone, then your best bet is just stay close to her and just do your daily routine. If you managed to be her consult friend, it's a bonus.
*Rule number two: I'm not gonna type this but again; Going full force into someone might be a good idea, but know the fucking MOMENTUM. If you try to get into a triangle, you either place a huge scar on your crush or a good amount of " Back-up feelings" for later on. The latter rarely happens.
When everything goes well, (eventually) maybe they will somehow shows bit crack on their relationship; or maybe they break up. That's your best chance to strike her.

And boy that is also why I'm having scary feelings when Chika told Hanai that she will still be trying.
Nothing comes in eternity, that's why time plays big role here.

Anyway 7/10 for the whole plot and drawings. And could've been 9/10 if you fucking sit your ass and stay still Chika.

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It's rare I lol at a manga but I've already done so numerous times and I'm only 4 chapters in. Glad I found this little gem!

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If anyone wants to support the author, she recently published this on Kindle:

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man old yuri is way better than new, simple stories , sincere feelings and most important its fun to read ad doesnt give you anxiety

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Aw, taken down for English publication? I'm so happysad. Guess I'll wait to find out where/when to buy it.

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