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That's a nice change of scenery

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Dance clubs, hipsters and lesbians. I'm liking this series a lot already!

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well, that escalated quickly

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Oooh I like this already. This is what I wish to happen when I go to the club with my friends.

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Not sure if tuna is a euphemism or...

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Not sure if tuna is a euphemism or...

Well we were all thinking it and we're off to a really good pace already.

Edit: Did I mention I fricking love Kei's hair?

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Ahh, I love the art. So pretty, so pretty!

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Not sure if tuna is a euphemism or...

From the credits page:

the tuna joke is exactly what you think it's meant to be.

So I guess depending on the levels of your depravity, it is either a harmless food joke, or a filthy, filthy double entendre.

Also, all the hype to see this continued. Kei and Emi got dat mad chemistry.

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I like it. I mean I would like it more if it wasn't for THE FREAKING OB FINALE CANt BELIEVE THIS I'm so angry rn

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man im gonna follow this series to the end of the earth

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Dunno what to expect. It's kinda... different. Haha.

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Hm... Nice start. Good to see a new one

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That's one nice change of pace.

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My yuri mc getting laid from the first ch. without being a hentai, hell yeah !!

Not sure if tuna is a euphemism or...

On a serious note, now that's what i call a refreshing yuri storie, with a sort of real setting. I'm so fed up with the usual "dramafest-full-of-misunderstanding-lovetriangles-barelyakissattheend", is it that hard for authors to come up with something new ... sigh

Hope the storie keep getting interesting ( Adult life best tag ).

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A new (good) series with a new artist? Yes!!!

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This series is definitely going to be unique. First hipster lesbian I've ever seen in yuri.

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I like it. I mean I would like it more if it wasn't for THE FREAKING OB FINALE CANt BELIEVE THIS I'm so angry rn

Don't even talk about it!! -_- So angry right now!

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but it's still chapter 1

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The beginning is so beautiful but i sense the drama and the Aaaaaangst tag.

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Its only the first chapter and they are lovey dovey on each other already lol

OrangePekoe Admin
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I've a feeling this is going to be that series I can read to cheer myself up when needed~

That said, I wouldn't mind too horribly if it got a bit...darker? There's a lot that can be done with this setup, I'm looking forward to it!

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Since people seem a bit uncertain if tuna is a euphemism, those of us who are over 40 can tell you that it definitely USED to be. Back when I was in high school and college it was one of the main euphemisms for that part of the female anatomy, especially when referring to eating it.

This looks really good! I can't wait for more!

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I've never been to a club in my whole life. Me thinks I should try it out now

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I'm literally believe it or not clueless when it comes to sexual jokes, will someone do the honors of explaining ? O.Oz

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