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tbh i hope she does die and becomes a legend. Great chapter tho.

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tbh i hope she does die and becomes a legend. Great chapter tho.

Uh, no.. poor girl she doesn't even remember having made such contract.

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So there's an EVIL mastermind behind the decline of music?


that explains a lot

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I have been waiting for this, now I still want more

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So the other 27 club...
- Janis Joplin (female vocal)
- Kristen Pfaff (bass)
- Jim Morrison (male vocal)
- Brian Jones (guitarist)
- Pete de Freitas (drummer)?

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Why is chapter 24 in the volume 5 section? It's from volume 6 lol

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i kinda dislike the new chapter 24 because of that bass guy..

we've seen how the other members of the band are very serious and practicing extremely hard, how they want to fight their weaknesses, thus making the development of the character of each individual really shine

and then he comes and just.. join?

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"You'll play in a place like this, but not when we need money?!"

Oh Ford, you sweet, summer child.

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This chapter feels extremely short even trought it's 28 pages long.
Especially how it ends up like a cliffhanger, i need more NOW

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god i love this manga. the energy is just breathtaking

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Now that's a gig I'd like to see in reality....

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Man these pages are a real treat.

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Kurt and Jimi playing together. Damn I love these two chapters, the guys look so damn HAPPY!

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So, the whole thing is actually a trap by "Satan". To make money off of Jimi and Kurt, even when they are dead. Make them sellouts beyond the grave.

Who cares about the jacked in people? They'd just be puppets with no role to play.

That's pretty evil and really in the style of a devil.

Reminds me of Phantom of the Paradise: those who contest the system get swallowed and digested back by it.

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I wonder how the teacher and the boy will act.
maybe he will join the teacher band?

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There are more chapters on Mangadex.

I think CAT dropped it, so maybe Dynasty could change scanlator.

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