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Nishi Uko Robot Yuri

So I guess this is probably going to be the best thing ever.

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drpepperfan Admin
joined Oct 12, 2010

First chapter is great, can't wait to see how it goes. Chances are, it looks like a tear jerker.

It's only one volume long total, but from the looks of it, that's a good thing here. Sometimes you don't need to drag something out.

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Always wanted to kiss a Gundam

joined Jan 19, 2015

This is going to be sad. Aaaack..... Maybe Hiro will get the feels or something, but I kinda feel like this'll end in heart break.

joined Oct 13, 2014

angst incoming in 3...2...

joined Jul 14, 2014

A yuri Bicentennial Man. What can go wrong.

joined Feb 26, 2013

/prepares my boxes and boxes of tissues/ I AM READY FOR THE ANGST....

Also, it's nice to see more of Nishi Uko's work!!!

joined Aug 22, 2014

My tear ducts are ready! Just need the next chapter

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Enemy angst in bound on your position

Better get my tissue box on my computer

joined Nov 7, 2014

looks like we're in for a bumpy ride.
this'll be fun.

joined Aug 22, 2013

looking forward to this new and awesome series!! thanks for scanlation!!

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Always wanted to kiss a Gundam

This made my entire night lmao cant stop laughing ahahahaha
also are we getting more of this? D: I like this :( I really enjoyed reading it :(

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Why transfer schools if they could just remodel her face/height and personality?

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drpepperfan Admin
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Why transfer schools if they could just remodel her face/height and personality?

Who says they can? The fact she has to transfer seems to imply that they can't.

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Reaaally was expecting a kiss in the last part :/

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Nishi Uko? Prepare for incoming Angst.

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Interesting. Feels like a one-shot, though

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Seems like the first time Nishi Uko's writing a story within this age range (It sort of doesn't feel like a high school story either way) but I'm glad to see her branching out. Will be looking forward to this!

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Nice to see another series from this author. I can already tell I'm gonna like this one.

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I already feel like crying even though nothing happen yet. These kind of story have that effect on me.

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omg this is so cute

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great start!

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I love this author/artist, and I love this concept. Really looking forward to how this is going to finish.

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I read the review on Okazu some time ago and it's quite bittersweet.

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