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This chappter gave a gay vibe in all the characters... I love it!
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I needed that refresher, whew.

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I don't think i understood the ending :(

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Bocchi has more friends than me!

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p08 should be p02 ... no?

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I was wondering about the other girls outside of the main group. Some of them were implied to have no friends before Bocchi appeared in their lives, so it's good to know they formed friendship circles of their own.
Mina and Kou were particularly precious, since you can tell how much they missed being together like this.

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We can't let our girl move away

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Yay, best school is back in session!

Wa ha ha!
Waraeba, sugoi ten toreru!

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Nako's dream was so sweet, this whole manga is just precious.

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I'm not crying, you're crying.
NAAKOOOOOO. This was so beautiful.

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I don't think i understood the ending :(

The ending was a flashback to the second chapter, showing that for all this time Nako has been hoping she can stay here with her friends.

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If seeing Nako's side of the early exchanges with Bocchi doesn't make you feel something, you should maybe get your heart checked.

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Next time: The WAHAHA returns!

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Next time: The WAHAHA returns!

I was thinking the same thing..... WAH HA HAAAAAA

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i didnt expect that to be nako's dream .

I love this manga so much

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In episode 8 of the anime, as the group is walking home together after the first confrontation with Kako, Nako gets a bit serious and mentions how lonely it is not having friends for such a long time.

Katsuwo had told the anime staff about this plot point, and that line was a specific reference to it.

(Source: Katsuwo on twitter.)

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Nobody to point out that we got a Nako chapter on chapter 75 ?

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We were Wah hah had!
That did seem like a uncharacteristically serious development. It was worth it just to see furious Aru.

Nakosuke got some amazing friends now. Everyone's better off in this group. Hopefully they can actually teach her something before finals...

I also kinda feel bad for Nako's dad. lol

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It´s chapter 75! nice touch.

I just want every one to remember that from day one, nako...

...Nako doesn´t like to move...

Katsuwo is a genius.

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Her girlfriend is the first one to run in to help

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bocchi is 6months in universe to graduate and for the manga to end.
Tomoko kuroki is at 6months in universe to graduate and for the manga to finally end.

Both my daughterus have come a long way...

But after all this time where the heck are the yuri fanarts at? there is just so little yuri stuff about this series.

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New chapter out which finally adresses the whole "Bocchi having to make friends with boys" thing by having Bocchi befriend the one straight girl in class, who then uses their connection with all the boys in class to rush through their friendship process with Bocchi in literally two halves of a page, after which we assumedly never address them again.

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Ugh, everything went perfectly fine until boys showed up. It’s like someone made the author include them, and not only they did it but also added some stupid romance stuff. So long for yuriverse.

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Whem Suto said "The extremely popular hitori san" i teared a little... She came so far.

Kinda of a let down that the boys wont have more chapters, they also look hella cute.

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Gah its still adorable!!! You're almost there Bocchi! shine on Aru plays in background

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