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"Remember, Dentist is fucking in my mouth."

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Nisemonogatari flashback

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That is an incredibly inefficient way of getting some. Just go to yuri gas station to get your fill.

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I was expecting some erotic toothbrushing

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That reminded me that I need to Go to my dentist for the yearly checkup...and my dentist is also a cutie hehe

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Yuri manga logic:

“I’ll let my teeth rot out, that’ll get my dentist hot!”

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"Remember, Dentist is fucking in my mouth."

“Dentist is in my mouth doing these things.”

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An SFW ending!?

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Please take care of your teeth people, is important. else much pain in mouth

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"Remember, Dentist is fucking in my mouth."

“Dentist is in my mouth doing these things.”

"Dentist is in- is dentist is drilling- no she's not drilling-"

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If my dentist were a cute girl that's less reason to go. It's be embarassing to show her my nasty teeth

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J-just... ask her out please, don't do this to yourself, having messed up teeth is unpleasant.

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A bit masochistic, inflicting harm upon yourself to get an excuse to see dentist? This deserves a tag…

Oh, I would have passed this manga if it was anyone else except for Pandacorya. The teeth were well drawn but the hygienist should never put fingers between the teeth—as bad as a machinist putting fingers in a hydraulic vise.

This manga is as absurd as “Little Shop of Horrors” with Steve Martin and Bill Murray in it… very funny!

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True story : as a teenager back in the late 90's I used to have a bit of a crush on my dentist and would very much look forward to my Bi-Annual checkups . I even tried, unsuccessfully mind you, to find out if she was married and whether she might be into girls or not . To be young and dumb, I guess :P

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In my teens, the dentist that made me have braces was a really hot lady that smell so good. It was so embarrassment go into her clinic to fix my messy teeth, but she was always really nice with me. One time we started talking about Game of Thrones (cause of my shirt) and also medieval torture (cause why the hell not?) and she seemed really enthusiastic about it. That made me fantasize about her being a dominatrix and later confirming my thesis that all dentists are fucking sadistic.

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LOL I just went to the dentist yesterday...

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Man, i have a crush on my dentist and i do feel... Stuff when she's extracting my wisdom tooth. Lol. This is how i found out i like getting fingers in my mouth or something.

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its been several years since I've gone to the dentist. It's expensive without coverage and can't afford it so I try to take care of my teeth these days. When I was younger though they would always compliment my brushing skills, even though I would usually brush for less than a minute.

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Meanwhile I have a diagnosed phobia of the dentist and am usually petrified, shaking and tearing up in the chair. Forget flirting, they're usually trying to make sure I'm not having a panic attack lol.

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Like a hornier version of

I knew there was another dentist-related yuri oneshot on here. Talk about lightning striking twice...

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Last panel is one of the dummest things i have seen, even in comedy

Love struck her stupid

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Wow. Nisemonogatari sure is catching on.

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