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(They're not gay, they're just European).

First: Why not both?
Happy Saijou Claudine noises

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Omg.. this is so good and cute :)

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(They're not gay, they're just European).

First: Why not both?
Second: Over at some Discord server I'm in, I've just watched a MagiReco parody of that song.

What discord server is this? Are there yuri things? Invite?

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Are there yuri things?

Well, the server is literally called Mikayuri Villa, so make of that what you will


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The author will begin a new manga named Onna Tomodachi to Kekkon Shitemita (Trying Out Marriage to My Female Friend) from January 2021.

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The author will begin a new manga named Onna Tomodachi to Kekkon Shitemita (Trying Out Marriage to My Female Friend) from January 2021.

Sounds great. I've read pretty much all of Shio's stuff on this site, and every single one of her works has been absolute gold. While lots of yuri authors write mostly disconnected oneshots or only have genre specific specializations (like incest or age gaps), Shio's one of those rare authors who has visible, consistent themes running through her work. That's one of the reasons I appreciated Crescent Moon and Doughnuts so much on my second read- I'd gone through some of her older oneshots, and you can really see how she took her ideas about performativity and social pressures and built upon them in more nuanced ways. That soft, introspective style works really well in longer series, so I'm pretty hyped for this one.

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I'm not sure but the author seems to have already put a picture with her two new characters :

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Yes, looks like both, the new manga by Usui Shio and the 2nd volume of Crescent Moon will be published on November 18th. This means some sweet Donuts extras in about a month time, yaaay!

This also means... That the 11th chapter is gonna be published a month later, in December (or we get two mangas published in the same issue which I doubt). And this kinda makes me hope for some nice Crescent Christmas Surprises.

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promo pic for vol.2 - I bet Subaru's saying WHOLESOME

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I legit forgot Hinako's hair colour is pink.

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lol, yeah, I didn't realise before you mentioned! Also Asahi's are blue! It's probably just the night/moon lighting that gives their hair that cold shade... Damn I want a new chapter...

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What makes you think so? To me it looks like Subaru sees right through her and barely tolerates her.

Well, let's see: how she remembers Fuuka's ring and saw the need to fix her hair before answering (author saw the need to show us that too) ; her expression and that bg the author drew when Fuuka gave her what she likes; how Subaru clearly adored her when she was younger; how she saw the need to mention how she changed as well when Fuuka reminisces (when said to an older character, almost always a sign from a younger character to their crush to say "don't see me as just a child anymore"); her rare lash out when she talks about how hard Asahi works for her (hard to listen to your crush talk adoringly of her own crush and not noticing your feelings in the process).

I mean, c'mon. Join the Dark side.

hi, where can i get my Subaru-likes-Fuuka card membership?
that "dont see me as a child anymore" allusion is so accurate.. my third eye is open

I'm also wondering if this goes back to the disgust Hinako has/had for people who lusted after her. More self hate, she doesn't want to make Asahi feel the way she's always felt being thought of like that. Hesitant hand touching and jerking away have both been a thing this entire series, I think trying to show they both have different issues with physical contact.

I completely agree to this. More than anything she doesn't want to burden Asahi but I'm glad her talk with her friends motivated her into being a lil more selfish.

Also, I highly doubt the author's gonna go with the ace!Hinako route but hey, it's a nice dream to have. I'm just glad the author is so good at building up internal emotional conflicts on their characters so whatever is the route they take for the story, I know for sure it won't be something shallow and simple. So that's neat

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The author will begin a new manga named Onna Tomodachi to Kekkon Shitemita (Trying Out Marriage to My Female Friend) from January 2021.

Does this mean she will work on two series at the same time? That sounds quite stressful.

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I'm loving the details, especially surrounding the topic of physical touch.

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I just remembered why I love this series

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Give me more Subaru!

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Subaru: Why do you like my sister?
Fuuka: girls
Subaru: What were you doing last night?
Fuuka: Girls
Subaru: What's your biggest regret?
Fuuka: Girls!
Subaru: What do you think about Hinako and Asahi together?
Fuuka: GIRLS
Subaru: Wanna go out and get some coffee on Saturday?

Best philosopher since Nietzsche, 10/10. We need more smooth operators with rough emotional states in yuri manga, since they simultaneously counteract and reinforce the influence of useless lesbians. Asahi and Hinako made big strides, and I'm curious if Hinako's ambivalence towards personal contact and Asahi's inexperience with any kind of romantic relationships are gonna be explored after they start dating, not to mention the whole coworkers angle. This definitely seems like the kind of dynamic where 60% of the effort comes after the parties shuck up, and this manga's so good at handling the office life vibes and the soft romantic vibes that they'd be sublime when put together (even though the opposite tends to happen in reality, because labour is a soulless drag).

Lastly, I hope that Fuuka can look into Asahi's eyes one day and go, "Your sister calls me Onee-sama too." (Though knowing Subaru, it'd probably be the other way around). Lilies blooming everywhere, folks.

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how she was in school? she's a clone that piloted a prototype of a huge ass robot.

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Wait, is that jealous Subaru that I see?

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Friendly rival? In my yuri?! It's more likely than you think!

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Now that's a good reaction.

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Jealous Asahi-san as well?
That whole page is just adorable, Hinako smiling like a goof and Asahi being a tsundere.

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Oh! I love this latest chapter! I love the internal monologues. And it's rare to see smooth characters like Fuuka in adult yuri. This is what am talking about.. Open and healthy rivalry! Ha! Who knew this was possible! She seriously needs to notice Subaru..

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One step at a time...

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Personal highlights: the faces throughout this page and Subaru going full trollmode before realizing she actually said a bit too much and hastily evading :D

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