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This is getting of what is this, to what the f#ck is this Really, I don't understand nothing than the girl is Karura...she want revenge and the real girl is death...explain me, I read it but I can't understand nothing

it is basically, since aluna refused to be a political pawn, dedicated her life in helping her kingdom fight back against devil birds. on one of their outings they come across a girl, and they hook up. as they continue to fight against the birds the birds steadily grow stronger. then they get notice that the king is sending reinforcements, so they decide to try and go after the source, which is when pal kidnaps aluna, revealing she was karura the whole time. she doesn't want revenge on aluna, instead the opposite. because using the stone on the sword to "kill" the birds takes some of her own life with it, pal had gotten a taste of aluna's life force since the beginning, and wants her as the new sacrifice, to merge with. pal is not really dead, just merged and taken over by karura.

i have to say, i do not like mira's current waterworks, but this story impressed me

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this is horrible - but very intriguing, I like it.

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Really nice story

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Of course she was hundreds of years old

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Damn this is so good

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Oh, shit...

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Two chapters :D thanks for the treat translation team :) can't wait to see where this is going. Love the new style of the" after 2 years" princess

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Dont understand a single thing going on in the story, but I'll continue reading.

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What. That's just dumb. I'm done.
Don't trick me like that! I thought you agreed for that stupid devil... Girl... Whatever!

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It is sometimes really hard to understand who is saying what. it is an unpolished older work. But I ike it. The story is very layered, I guess?

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I dunno, a blood-eye-oath-pact seems pretty romantic to me these days. What's this other nubile young lady doing here to break that up?

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what the hell is going on and why cant i stop reading it

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What. That's just dumb. I'm done.
Don't trick me like that! I thought you agreed for that stupid devil... Girl... Whatever!

Who's the princess again?

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Oh. Old Mira is good too. Her recent works are great to read after a long day pf pure stress but this one is good to be read while drinking tea on Sunday mornings.

Nice one! I wish we got more good fantasy yuri manga that doesn't involve one of the girls being already engaged with a man or having a backstory of being raped or with a het ending.

Also, this one is 10 chapters long? That's good! I hope we'll get to read the rest.

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