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Akashic Records
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aw.. why? :(

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One cannot simply ship incestous lesbians
Without angsty-drama.

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Well, that was a mixed chapter. It started being great and happy and deliciously yuri, but it ended up in a totally "I seriously don't like where this is going" note... Also, what's up with that girl suddenly dating a teacher? That came out of nowhere.

joined Jun 1, 2013

Is it just me or has the story gone from angsty-incest drama to bad fanfic with an all-over the place story line in just one chapter?

I mean the beginning caught me off guard with the impulsive love making between the two sisters, but then right down the middle, conflict arise and then the author decides to deviate our attention to some random student x teacher that, not only comes out of nowhere, but does nothing to move the story along before throwing in the guy from the first chapter as a plot device at the most convenient time for even more unnecessary drama

I suppose rather than complain I should just drop this from my reading list. :/

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Is it just me or has the story gone from angsty-incest drama to bad fanfic with an all-over the place story line in just one chapter?

Not really you could see it as fanfiction writing from the beginning. This situation that has arisen is no different. My main problem is "I want to protect you but I dont want to to explain or talk to you about it!" just drives me up the wall. The fact is they need to hide they relationship and learn to adjust to life itself. no matter how much they want to stay together all the time they can not without drawing attention. How the younger sister does this is just poorly writing and unnecessary drama. They are two sisters who are in love with each other and go to the same school together. Plenty of drama already that can be used without going into one character decides to be a complete dick to "protect" someone but will not explain it.

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so its cancelled huh ?
i couldn't imagine such a happy ending...

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Hate to say this but... This wasn't a Happy end D:

Exactly what I thought. xD

Don't really get the complaints about the drama. Cliche as it might be, the author seems to rush through bits of drama pretty quickly. Sakaki-kun taking away Natsuki was solved in literally one chapter and the "we should just be sisters" thing ended only two chapters after it started. The problem now is that this is a cancelled series and there will never be a resolution. We don't know if it will be horribly dragged out or shrugged away with a simple "whoops I'm being silly by ignoring you to protect you."

Anyways, this series was totally worth it to me just to know that Chako is fucking Sakaki's sister. I would also like to think that the author's intention was to do a time skip every 3-5 chapters to show the sisters' relationship grow, but we'll never know and that's sad.

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I can't believe it's canceled wow....

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Much as I was repulsed seeing Sakaki's face pop up again, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly he was shoved out of the picture the first time around so I definitely feel it is a loss to be stuck here without a conclusion. I agree that the author's use of timeskips brought an interesting long term perspective to the story. All in all I did enjoy the story so I'm sad to see it go. Regardless, thanks to Binbougami scans for making it possible for us to read it.

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The art was really bad... it made most of the intimacy really unbearable. Only reason I kept reading it was because the plot was... sufficient.

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it was cancelled? damn...
well i guess this is the happy ending that was meant to be?

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It would of been nice if the boy would of helped with their relationship and made false one with the older sis but it would of been interesting to see how it go down unu. Sadly it was canceled

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Dammit! why cancelled?! Now we'll never know if it'll have a 'Happy End'! pun intended
And also I've read somewhat negative comments about this doujin. First of all the art is ok, it's not the greatest drawing skills used but its not bad, and I'm a very judging artist, so yeah the art style never bothered me anyways. (you saw what I did there x3)
Second. The relationship between the sisters did start out as forced and I know it was kinda not what everyone wanted after realizing the situation of these two, but it progressed well after a few skipped years in the story but yeah the characters are doing well together and that's ok. I still don't entirely like the older sister jealousy, but there's nothing I can do about it.
And third, the story at first was a bit of a mouthful for us readers as we were trying to gratify ourselves the situation that was on hand, not everyday we read yuri incestuous stories with an incredibly yandere older sister (though some hentais are like that ._.), and at some points it confused the hell out of me to why come to that conclusion, but yeah the author wanted it that way.
Well I surely blabbered a lot, sorry about that >~< But I just wanted to point out that I don't like when people criticize so much on these type of stories when it actually entertained people and not bored them. The plot wasn't so bad, but I was left wanting to know how it could've ended atlease. My guess would be (long story short) the guy backed off, the bullies shut up possibly because someone talked back at them, the sisters started talking again and were able to hang out like they used to and continued their yuri experiences together. Well that's just what my ending would be, but I could be entirely wrong xP

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OrangePekoe Staff
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Series is now "finished" as far as scanlation is concerned.

The last victim of the YK cancellation we'll be seeing anytime soon, one would imagine. Too bad really, Chako was too lovable to only get two chapters of content.

I guess I was wrong! Eventually it did continue on the web and was released as a tankobon. There is one more chapter and an omake left. Can't wait to see more Chako!

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This series is not a happy one is it?

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please don't be the opposite of the title D':

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Happy end my ass tho. I hope the author will prove most of us wrong with what the ending's going to be.

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Oh my God mom! not right now... talk about complications!!!!

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Oh my God mom! not right now... talk about complications!!!!

Haha ..Geez mom! can't you get hurt at a better time? ...always with the attention and bad timing..

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Glad to see this back!

Not glad at what just happened ;_;

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Lol good timing Mom

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The story continues!

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I hope she is not die, what a nice mom.

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