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damn it.. I want more ^

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same question: they were gonna have sex there? in that state?

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and they had sex there...

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to all yall talking bout cheating and being's called Casual Sex and there's nothing wrong with having it

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to all yall talking bout cheating and being's called Casual Sex and there's nothing wrong with having it

There is nothing casual about any of this. The whole point was to make the spy girl jealous, you don't have jealousy with casual sex.

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As I read it, they are in an open relationship for now and spy wants to make enough money for the next step. Doc doesn't want her to get hurt so much, so she picked up this random guy to make her jealous. They seem to meet often, not just when Spy need treatment.

I guess Spy's work made it hard to get together for real because of her fear, so random guy is nothing more than an excuse.

It could be a total lie, too. We do not hear or see anything about him.

"If you'll let yourself be killed, I'll never be your girlfriend :<"

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Ok, why do all seem to assume spy and doc is a thing already?

How are they not a couple? Right after spy telling doc ab the tropical island dream, which is a good thing with no draw back for doc, doc just told her "i'm gonna sleep with some guy." If doc is together with spy, and is also a cheater, why would she mention it at that moment? It's more like she felt terrible because this cutie is risking her life for her and use that as a way to say "stay away", then when spy got all hurt, doc finally decided to speak her mind, but she was a tsun, so she spun her last statement into a clumsy way of saying "Please be more careful w your mission, also I miss you."

Spy might be going after doc, while doc is like "your job is too dangerous, i dont wanna moan anyone while im still young." Clearly doc likes spy, but she might also be someone who has lost her beloved(s) and doesn't want to get in a serious relationship again.

With all that said, truth is this is a badly written short. Spy is talking about their future as a couple, but doc acts as if they aren't in a relationship at all, this clearly contradicts. Also their faces are so similar and it annoys me.

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Cheating is not allowed! I hate this story.

Not cheating if it's just a ont-time thing, she just told her it being not serious.

to all yall talking bout cheating and being's called Casual Sex and there's nothing wrong with having it

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Clearly the spy isn't acting like its news that the doctor sleeps around, so most likely they've discussed a compromise in their relationship. I don't think its realistic for her to expect the doctor to just wait around for her. Occasionally the more adult yuri relationships that aren't just truelovetogetherforeverfluff are refreshing.

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Aw, it'd be interesting to see this become a full series.

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"If you don't like the thought of me running off to someone else..."

It's like some people just don't read what's right on the page and make up their own stories in their heads.

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Mannn I'd absolutely love to get a series out of this. See their relationship from the beginning and after this instance.

also it's pretty obvious their relationship is one of fondness, but obviously not set in stone due to the spy's life styles and possibility of.. you know.. never coming back. so at least if the doctor is actually seeing other people she's being realistic and not setting herself up for a relationship with no future.

Not that unusual a sort of relationship in spy movies, really. Which is probably why we're seeing it here.

Bruh I'm happy seeing it at all. Love this oneshot and hope for more. :D

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No it doesn't. The bisexual tag only refers to sexual orientation of a character. We have a seperate tag for cheating. This stuff is pretty self-explanatory.

No, it doesn't. There are plenty of stories with bisexual characters that don't have the tag, the tag usually gets added if the bisexual girl is in a relationship with a dude at some point in the story, meaning that the dude either gets NTRed or the other girl gets cheated on.

You are right in that it's not casual sex because there is clearly romantic attraction between them, but that doesn't mean that it's a committed relationship, or that they've agreed to be exclusive. Jealousy can arise in a non-committed or non-exclusive relationship, too. People are funny like that. And relationships can become committed or exclusive over time.

Except the doctor specifically says "If you don't like the thought of me running off to someone else..." If the relationship wasn't exclusive to begin with then how can she be running from the spy to someone else if she wasn't never committed to the spy to begin with? It's clearly cheating.

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cheating implies secrecy and deception.

No, it doesn't. Someone can cheat, straight up tell their SO and it doesn't magically become not cheating.

Therefore, it is totally possible that the two are not in a committed or exclusive (it's possible that they are open to multiple partners, i.e. polyamory) relationship yet

Except I have already quoted part of the dialogue with the doctor clearly saying "running to someone else". There is no running to someone else if they have already agreed to an open relationship.

or the doctor is just pulling the spy's leg, and trying to convince her to stop with the dangerous missions. You have no evidence for the cheating. It's possible, but we have no reason to conclude with any confidence that it's happening.

Except for the whole doctor clearly stating that she is indeed cheating with some guy, last bubble even has her asking what excuse she is going to tell him.

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Nice art. Wish there was more. Hope cheating wasn't implied. That would stink.

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I don't think it's cheating I think she pulled the jealousy card to idk like inspire her not to die on the job

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Y'all she's just messing with the spy to say "if you keep making me worry about you never coming back I'll go be with another person" have some literature classes

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