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joined Apr 19, 2013

I can't believe no one's talking about this bittersweet manga TT.TT

This manga is awesome, enough to make me cry the whole night... WHILE I was asleep TT.TT

joined May 19, 2011

It was almost very good... until I got to the ending which made me never wanna read it again.

joined Feb 27, 2011

I quite liked this manga as well. Although I saw the bittersweet ending coming, I kept reading T_T.

Not a fan of sad endings but this had enough happiness at the end that it was worth it. Still good for a first time read though.

Nezchan Moderator
joined Jun 28, 2012

It was almost very good... until I got to the ending which made me never wanna read it again.

Funny, for me it's the opposite. The last couple of chapters are the part I most want to read, and it's kind of annoying watching them spin their wheels to no purpose for so long before that. Probably from when the rival ghost shows up to the end are the parts I like to read best.

joined Mar 29, 2013

I just checked, but it seems that the author of this work is also the one who made/drew 'He Is My Master'. I was wondering why they looked so muck like Anna and Izumi.

joined Sep 6, 2013

why...I can't stop crying now T-T

joined Aug 12, 2013

Why did it have to have such an awful ending! On a more positive note, Kyouko has Obon to look forward to!

joined Apr 21, 2013

it wasn't so sad ^_^ since the cute demon is still here

joined Nov 29, 2013

In the end really piss me off :'(
Their love are so beautiful, I can't stop cry at the end :((

joined Oct 15, 2013

This just CRUSHED my mood.

joined Dec 16, 2013

can't get into this.

joined Apr 14, 2014

The feeeeels at the end are just ..... toooo much (╥﹏╥)
Good story tho .

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joined Apr 20, 2014

U make me crying,, oh god my heart is hurt.. But that real romantic true love.. True love.. I decided to make this manga to be number 1 in my heart.. Omg.. I'm still crying even when read this.. Romantic kissed.. I love it.. Awsome.. (-̩̩̩-͡ _--̩̩̩͡) (-̩̩̩-͡ _--̩̩̩͡)

joined Mar 1, 2014

My heart just got destroyed.

joined Mar 13, 2014

I found the beginning a little slow, but I succumbed to my feels before the final chapter even :'(

joined Sep 18, 2013

My heart... man i'm really in a sad mode now n' I can't stop crying... ahhh what should I do ; -;

joined Sep 23, 2013

Very romantic and sad ending

joined Aug 17, 2013

I blame Yamada-kun for my crying. It's all his fault. Stupid Yamada-kun. TT_TT

joined Sep 19, 2014

That was great even with this sad end T__T
But I regret that the extra is not about their encouter in their new life I don't like sad end and it would have been à great end.
Well I really enjoyed this one anyway and will read it again in the futur.

joined Aug 12, 2014

manga tag is 'comedy' but i couldn't do anything but crying like a little b**ch at the end, should you guys put 'aaaaaangstt' tag instead :'( :'(
but i really love the manga though ;')

joined May 1, 2014

Just reread the whole thing. And yes, even knowing the sad ending beforehand I still enjoyed it.

A great read indeed.

One of my favorites.

If I were Madoka, I'd fall for Kyouko easily. :3

joined Oct 20, 2014

Ch. 5, Madoka's friends are very nosy, I know what that's like. >:(

joined Sep 5, 2012

I want to reread but the net is so slow. So I'm just remembering their first and last kiss. This is truly a great manga. Thank you Dynasty for all the hardwork.

joined Jan 20, 2015


I refuse to cry... :(

This is officially on my list for Top Ten best Manga I've ever read

joined Jul 16, 2013

That was a good read.

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