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The story keeps getting better and better by chapter!
Thank you Yuri Project for bringing the series to us. ^^~

agreed! this is one of those where you are like... so much seems to have happened and we are only on chapter 4...

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Plz update ^___^ love this story!

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I dont understad, Why did you post citrus 4 so late? I read it two weeks ago in The chapter was amazing though.

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I'm wearing something like 1000 prescription glasses, but I do believe you're quite the blind person.
Like, very blind.

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I'm gonna go slit my throat right

Count me in.... D:

I read this just for laughs after reading it on here and it's like reading an Engrish version of Citrus. It made me laugh at how terrible it all was.

And of course, there's always turds who have to ruin it for everybody.

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Thanks to Kyra, YP, etc. for the new chap. I've still got a bad taste in my mouth from the mangafox thing but I have to admit this series really makes me laugh. The drama and developments are all just so outrageous/crazy, and at the same time pandering in a way that I don't really mind. So thanks for the chapter, and I will be looking forward to the next.

Also, wow at this page's anatomy, lol:

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This series is still awesome.

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Drama bomb

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Really liking this story~! Can't wait to see what happens ><;

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Awesome. I'm really interested in how this will unfold.

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The version on MF was an incomplete draft that was posted without Yuri Project's knowledge or permission. This is the complete, quality-checked version.

Nah, it was a speededit someone else did with the translation posted in pure text on Yuri Project. I think both scanner, editor AND translator edits better than the edit that was on Mangafox.

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Worth to wait ~~

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i'll go omfg if this animetized

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I'm actually worried about this manga. I feel like there's going to be so much drama that it won't fit in time with how many chapters this manga is going to have. And it looks like it's going to be drama and more drama after another, I don't believe that's a great plot. But I guess we just have to wait.

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I dun know why, but I really like this story Must be the plot.

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The last page of the newest chapter, the vice president looks like a guy in drag. lol

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The last page of the newest chapter, the vice president looks like a guy in drag. lol

LOL. Sounds like a Trap.~ well what a face she had there though. :v

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I have a feeling that Amemiya-sensei is gonna be back with vengeance.

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I have a feeling that Amemiya-sensei is gonna be back with vengeance.

I am like 100 percent sure he will ... I will be shock if we dont see him again! That will be a chapter we all pull out our hairs and scream!

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Thank you for making this!! I've been waiting for it. =)

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Am I the only one who thinks it's rather "meh"? I had higher expectations when I read the first chapter.
The thing that bothers me most is that Yuzu seems to believe she has to love everyone who's in her family. They don't even need to be blood related.

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I have never seen so many things go wrong at the same time in a yuri manga. I wish I could have read the whole thing at once, because the wait is killing me.

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Waiting for this is so painful, I really really want to know what's gonna happen next! D:

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and the antagonist appear!!!.....maybe?

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Lol I squealed xD hahahaha I bet that vp saw that kiss....and will make something of it.. (-_-")

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