Tag › Animal ears

For works involving girls featuring the ears/tails/other small traits of animals. If the animal nature of the girl is more pronounced, such as Centaurs, Lamia's or Werewolves, the Monster Girl tag should be used instead. Characters in doujins who usually have animal ears such as Chen or Ran should not be tagged.

My Cat Turning Into a Human Was a Little Different From What I Had Imagined by Taiyaki Original Doujin released Jan 19 '18 Animal ears Comedy Subtext Supernatural
Aria's Egg by Itou Hachi released Jan 12 '18 Age gap Animal ears Egg Laying Subtext
Torikorikoriko Taxonomy by Fugace Love Live! Sunshine!! Doujin released Jan 1 '18 4-koma Animal ears Dia x Hanamaru Moe up the butt Yuri
Lolicon Cancer by FKEY Touhou Project Doujin released Dec 12 '17 Animal ears Comedy Ecchi Nosebleed Read left to right Sakuya x Remilia Yuri
Story about OL-san Picking up a Cat by Takano Saku Original Doujin released Dec 5 '17 Age gap Animal ears Biting Ecchi Full colour Office lady Supernatural Yuri
Anthropomorphized Bunny Love by Suzuki Senpai Original Doujin released Dec 2 '17 Animal ears Comedy Ecchi Supernatural Yuri
The Hunter and the Hunted by Kamejiro Touhou Project Doujin released Nov 7 '17 Animal ears Aya x Sanae
Dia & Bunny Ears by Noko & Nana Love Live! Sunshine!! Doujin released Aug 2 '17 Animal ears Dia x Hanamaru Yuri
Nico Maki Nyan Nyan Hon by Tatakai no Kiseki Love Live! Doujin released Jul 30 '17 Animal ears Lots of sex Maki x Nico NSFW Yuri
Kanon-san's Little Cutie by Sugata Uri released Jul 28 '17 Animal ears Yuri
White Knight & Black Knight by Mochi Au Lait Original Doujin released Jul 23 '17 Animal ears Blushing Fantasy Yuri
LWA Collection by Mukiki Little Witch Academia Doujin released Jul 13 '17 Akko x Diana Animal ears Animalization Comedy Image set Kabedon Yuri
Tachi Masshigura ~Neko Cafe Yuri Goudou~ by Gyuunyuu Linda and Homura Subaru Original Doujin released Jun 19 '17 Animal ears BDSM Lots of sex Maid NSFW School girl Tailsex Toys Yuri
Luminocity 17 Watashi, Mesuinu ni Sarete Shimaimashita ^^; by Kani Biimu Gabriel Dropout Doujin released Jun 4 '17 Animal ears Comedy Ecchi Gabriel x Raphiel Reversal Yuri
Master and Summer Vacation by Itou Hachi Original Doujin released May 27 '17 Age gap Animal ears Bath Beach Ecchi Lolicon Maid Moe up the butt Sequel Yuri
Belle of the Rabbit and Wolf by Itou Hachi released Dec 21 '16 Age gap Animal ears Food Yuri
Hinata and the Black Cat by Sugano Manami released Dec 15 '16 Animal ears Deity Het School girl Supernatural
Wet Sisters by Nekonta Original Doujin released Dec 8 '16 Ahegao Anal Animal ears Big breasts Dark skin Incest Lactation Lots of sex Lots of tentacles NSFW Watersports Yuri
Untitled Vampire Widowmaker by 姜糖盐汽水 Overwatch Doujin released Nov 18 '16 Alternate reality Animal ears Read left to right Tracer x Widowmaker Vampire Yuri
Trick or Treat by Kougi Hiroshi Love Live! Doujin and Love Live! Sunshine!! Doujin released Nov 2 '16 Animal ears Chika x Riko Halloween Yuri
Showcase Girl by Shimazaki released Oct 4 '16 Animal ears Ecchi Yuri
Ecchi-na Nekomimi by Inyucchi Touhou Project Doujin released Sep 25 '16 Animal ears Lots of sex NSFW Rape Reversal Satori x Rin Yuri
Master and Me 2 by Itou Hachi Original Doujin released Jul 4 '16 Age gap Animal ears Biting Blushing Maid Moe up the butt Sequel Yuri
NicoMaki Are My Pets by Ooshima Tomo Love Live! Doujin released Jun 12 '16 Alternate reality Animal ears Fantasy Maki x Nico Yuri
Nekonui Collection Arimasen by Takeshima Eku Kantai Collection Doujin released May 29 '16 Animal ears Comedy Kagerou x Shiranui Yuri