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Pupcup by Yuichi released Apr 4 '24 Comedy Official Slice of life
Takina's Selfie Challenge by Miki Morinaga released Apr 4 '24 Chisato x Takina Comedy Official Slice of life Subtext Yuri crush
Kurumi My Love by Mimishiky released Mar 25 '24 Comedy Official Older than she looks School life Subtext Tsundere
Midsummer Night's Dream by Momose Hanada released Mar 10 '24 Chisato x Takina Ice cream Official Subtext
Mizuki's Mixer Master Plan by Tachi released Mar 10 '24 Comedy Official Slice of life
End to End ch04: Unique & Us by Musihara released Mar 3 '24 Chisato x Takina Futanari Marriage Moderate amounts of sex NSFW
Ignorance is bliss by Burisuke released Mar 2 '24 Chisato x Takina Mangaka Official Princess carry Yuri
Praise by Kisaragi Nankyoku released Mar 2 '24 Comedy Guns and explosions Official
The Great Lycoris Escape by Tachi released Feb 29 '24 Chisato x Takina Official
Me and you. Always by Yokoshima Penguin released Feb 29 '24 Chisato x Takina Introspective Official Subtext
Green Onion, Cabbage, and Sincerity by Peke released Feb 28 '24 Chisato x Takina Official Onions
Not quite the clean potato by horoda released Feb 28 '24 Chisato x Takina Official Subtext
Let's Play A Game by Taka Aki released Feb 26 '24 Chisato x Takina Official
White Day ChisaTaki by Komari released Feb 14 '24 Chisato x Takina Romance Yuri
Their Preferences by Umi Yamamura released Feb 13 '24 Chisato x Takina Official Roommates
LOL LOL by Pigashi released Feb 9 '24 Chisato x Takina Yuri
Regular Business Hours by Takashi Ino released Jan 27 '24 Comedy Official
Seeing is believing by Yokoshima Penguin released Jan 18 '24 Chisato x Takina Official
Beware of Dog by Naekawa Sai released Jan 18 '24 Animal ears Animalization Chisato x Takina Comedy Official
Lovey-Dovey Holiday by Kitaku released Jan 1 '24 Big breasts Chisato x Takina Lots of sex NSFW Yuri
Let's Play! by ikra released Dec 30 '23 Comedy Official
Part 2 of Nothing seek, nothing find by Tamori Tadadi released Dec 30 '23 Blushing Chisato x Takina Comedy Official Yuri
LycoReco Paradise by Utashima released Dec 16 '23 Bath Lolicon Official
Takina vs Vending Machine by sugar. released Dec 7 '23 Comedy Food Official
Teatime Mission by Kuri Kanoko released Dec 7 '23 Chisato x Takina Food Official Slice of life Wholesome Yuri