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Finally updated the site with a proper series for this. Unfortunately the discussion threads from the past have been lost. Pardon the inconvenience.

You may find them here:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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Jelly... I've turned to jelly... X3

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A one way trip to the favorites

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Gonna go roll around in my bed now making squee noises

I love it

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so few comments on this...
for me this goes in my favorite list, the last added was The flower and the star, and the ending is perfect, fun and moving just like that serie

post-edit: i read only now the first post, and understand why the few comments

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Uwaaah our little delinquent's hair is finally lying down in the 3rd chapter, no cowlick :O I kinda miss it

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I just love everything about this series. While I was reading this I remembered another series with similar characters, pacing and atmosphere called Koigokoro Metronome and its sequel Koiiro Etude by Ohsawa Yayoi.

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Since the old comments got sent into the Shadow Realm, I have to comment again...uh...... Good end? cool! I loved the awkward interactions these two had all the way.

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This series is so great <3

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Enjoyed this quite a bit, so glad it went somewhere.

Waiting on that extra now :p

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Ahh this was really sweet! It's refreshing to see a storyline where the hesitation for a response is because she didn't want to destroy what they have with their current friendship, it's nice to see something realistic and relatable.

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This one is such a feel-good read. :)

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So only the extra remains? That's why it's tagged as ongoing? Man I thought there were more chapters xD Still, this has become one of my favorites :]

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I am kinda amazed how far the author took those two goofy characters which could have been just ''those 2 silly lesbians'' in a different orientated series

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So only the extra remains?

Yes. There's another chapter in the book, but it's another story, with other characters.

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Kumichou really likes this kind of characters: the one who like to tease and observe the reactions of the other who easily get embarassed.

Haha it's one SUPER CUUUUTE YURI LIVE MANGA! I LOVE how BOOD megane gurl is and that yankee with her CIUUUTE reactions! >~<

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Haven't read this for a long time.
Read it again > Get the same reaction as first read.
That credits page is awesome.

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That credits page is awesome.

Fifty faces of Kazumi

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Omg I finally got to read the last chapter! I loved this one so much. It is definitely one of my favorites. I was so scared that Kazumi was going to reject her at the end... But they ended up together <3

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I forgot how adorabetes this series is. <3

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I almost didn't catch this chapter coming out at all; I read and reread and reread the first two so many times so long ago, it almost felt like it'd be years before I'd ever see the rest of it. Now to repeat the process~ ^-^
Thank you, everyone who works on the translations, and especially thank you to Kumichou!~

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If you call her a loser of course she's going to want to throw hands! It's a woman's pride!

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This series is just adorable and I love it! :)

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