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I see what you did there

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Oh my! This is cute!

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it was super cutes, but i wished it wasn't until the last few pages that they were implied as a couple instead of just platonic out of school friends, but that's just me! I did have a goofy smile on my face while reading this one though nawww

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A winner is you!

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beautiful art anyway, whether it's yuri or not

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The last book felt kind of cheesy.. :3

But it was really heart-warming and adorable seeing the two of them becoming friends.

Also, I feel like I can relate to Sacchan a bit. Some people are easy to approach outside of school but it's out of the question to talk them in school. There's just this weird barrier.

Thats funny cus im the complete opposite, no problem talkin to people at school but see them outside and school and its like....uh.........ummm.....hi

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I wonder if there's a double meaning with the book title.

Like dah XD

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i actually like this manga more and more now that i think about it.

It's the kind of story you want to revisit.

Or you revisit after a little while spent thinking it over.

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"Weak in the art of conversation"

that was good

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that was so adorable ermergherddd

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When a manga leaves you with a stupid smile on the face, you know is good stuff!

Yes, it is. But not so good when you're trying to read in secret at work. Don't want a bunch of people passing my desk with a cheesy smile on my face lol. The struggle is real.

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"Just the two of us"

Whoa slow down there, boy.

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I don't think it's just friends between them. I mean, all that blushings and keeping our (paraphrased) dates secret, not to mention that book title, seems like too much for friends. It's more likely they have a crush on each other. Imagine friends acting like them in real life, it would be pretty weird right?

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