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Please consider supporting the artist! You can buy this book here

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This is the second bird-adjacent thing I've worked on. Weird how that works.

Pretty interesting!! I was digging the piercings as I'm in the middle of doing similar designs to my own ears, but the tongue split is definitely not something I could rock. I do wonder what it would feel like to have sex with a cool girl like that with such a split, though.

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ngl, was hot

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Not a fan of ntr stuff but holy cow that bifurcated tongue. I like the design of the shrine maiden(?). Wish there were more characters like her.

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God I still wish I could get a split tongue now a days

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And with that, I am now a fan of split tongue

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A bit possessive... Just the right way

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Huh, the cheating aspect had so little impact on the story that it is weird it was even included. More power to whomever gets that extra little oomph from it I suppose. That sure was some intense tongue action either way.

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The Warbler Has Died and so have I

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Checks Bifurcated Tongue on her "Fetishes I Didn't Know I Had" Advent Calendar

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Lowkey wanna know what this was supposed to be a derivative work of. I wanna the ship XD

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Lowkey wanna know what this was supposed to be a derivative work of. I wanna the ship XD

Touka looks a bit like Uzaki...

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this is insanely hot lol. I love the recent trend of doing f/f like, porn doujins with a lot of the visual language usually reserved for m/f stuff. It can make things really intense and visceral in a way that's fairly rare for f/f sex doujins.

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Omg please more!
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ummm wow?

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