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I really appreciate how Pikachi-sensei consistently remembers to include Chisato's heart surgery scar (and all the others in this case). Feels like it's way too important of a detail to not include in her design.

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What a beautiful sensitive story with wonderful artwork and powerful words! I truly enjoy these two characters so much!! From the printed pages to my mind and eventually to my heart where this work will exist forever! Thank you Sensei for sharing your stories with us!! I am eternally grateful!! Live on Chisato and Takina! Be happy and in love always!

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Healing and wholesome! <3

I also love the hickey marks being visibly everywhere with the workout clothes lmao

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You had me double-guessing with the Cars tag. I was like, "shouldn't that be Scars?" and then I read the thing and was like "Aah~"

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Good stuff...asking for a FukixSakura wholesome book too would be just greedy
Thx for this great book Pikachi sama

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This was truly great.

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That is quite a spacious car.

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The true power of sports cars

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This must be why Chisato was so excited about the SUUUUUPA CAR in the anime. She was horny for Takina and knew this was the best car to do it in.

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