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Just some cute domestic life with the wife, nothing strange here.

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Gaporigo posted:

Just some cute domestic life with the wife, nothing strange here.

nuff said

joined Jun 11, 2016

I love how Kanon, Chisato and Ren are just "uhhhhh" and not knowing whether or not to ask them about their relationship lol

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Idk what to feel about my brain being as slow as them noticing what was going on...

joined Sep 30, 2021

Nothing weird going on here

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Ren should cancel her membership to the forbidden world. She's getting plenty of content right in front of her

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Domestic friends, nothing weird here :)

joined Dec 16, 2020

I can easily see this as one of those situations where they skipped to the domestic part of their relationship so quickly they forgot to confess to each other lol

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More Mezashi SumiKeke!!
Love the domestic vibe with a bit of tsun from Keke, and then the rest of Liella's expresions xD

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@cookiecutter That's so SumiKeke I won't be surprised if that's actually the case here lmao

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Kanon and the rest don't and can't have any complain about the routines.

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Aww, they are such a good couple...couple of "best" friends.

OrangePekoe Admin
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This is great

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This is the first SumiKeke Doujin I read.
After-thoughts? NO REGRETS. I adore EVERY panel so much!!!! The expressions are SO CUTE and the interactions are PRICELESS!!!!~~ I LOVE IT!
I wish I could erase my memory so I could experience it again, gah!

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