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I hope they do

joined Nov 24, 2020

Ended too soon just when things were getting good

joined Jun 27, 2014

IIRC this one-shot is connected to another work by the same author, though I don't remember if that one was another one-shot or a series.

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The Dam Kingdom

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The Dam Kingdom

Better than the Dam Nation...

joined Mar 10, 2018

Oh girls this was so precious!!!!! XD I was working on writting something with a similar plot, now I'm convinced that if there isn't someting like you have in mind done yet, it will really cause a powerful impression. Loved this webtoon, and thank you very much for translating it ♥

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The Dam Kingdom

Better than the Dam Nation...

Are the Residents known as the Damned?

joined Jul 6, 2020

Yes! More GL webtoons for dynasty scans!

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tfw there are no Korean TV dramas like this

joined Sep 28, 2020

it can't end there wtffff need moar

joined Jan 30, 2017

Wdym it's a oneshot!? I WANT MORE!

joined Oct 30, 2020

this is so interesting, im gonna be honest i want some more or another works from the author.

joined Apr 6, 2018

???? i need some visual evidence that they did live happily ever after

this was niceee and adorablee

joined May 23, 2017

I swear I thought this was a series first few pages in....

joined Jan 7, 2020

I swear I thought this was a series first few pages in....


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That was so sweet! I want more!

Also, I got to say this. The princess may be headstrong, but not arm strong!

I think I will take my leave now...

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Aw man. I wish this was a series

joined Jul 21, 2020

Lol at the credits. XD
Thanks JQ for your hard work! Please don't give up doing webtoons!

joined Feb 21, 2020

Damn, this was a very great story. I really liked the dynamics between the maid and the princess lol. Wish this was longer.

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