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This is definitely something we should take VERY seriously.

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This is definitely something we should take VERY seriously.

I have to say that this comment along with your avatar make for a fantastic combination!

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hopefully there is a doujin from the cover

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Heh, this is actually aware of the absolute shitton of sheer drudge training actual aristocrats underwent to prepare them both for their leadership duties and the necessary social decorum. Seriously some of the regimens you see in biographies would be considered straight up child abuse nowadays (and indeed did cause outright nervous breakdowns at times - in like 8-year olds).

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Elf girl reminds me of till from Alice's tale in phantasmagoria... cyyyute!!!!

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Oh it’s anthology.. I hope we get more fantasy yuri

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You know, when I read this, I thought the blessing was something like a "relaxation field" plus making MC look cute. Not mind control.

The way the elf girl reacts is almost exactly like the way a male MC would react if he was resisting a cute pout from a little girl. "Don't look at me with those eyes!"
So I interpreted her blessing just makes her look cute to the person it is directed towards.

Plus there was the line where the elf told her that the blessing will make her very comfortable (though that might be a reference to their wedding night) but even taken literally, I can only see it as the blessing being a relaxation aura.

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