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I can hear the last panel

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Kotori's a literal freakin' bird. This is great.

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Wow this is cool, its nice to see a fun fantasy adventure base on love live instead of the usual school stuff.

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cue JoJo ED

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so you heard it too huh

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This is really interesting.

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Sura Sura!

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Cannot wait for more

Marion Diabolito
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If someone kissed kotori would she turn into a human again? Would it hurt anything to try?

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Honoka looked pretty psycho splatting those slimes

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Go Honoka claim your Umi waifu!
Oh great finisher too, nice to see her look and act serious in battle!

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I can hear something when they cast their skills

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Of course Rin's job is thief.
Then what is Hanayo's?

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Nezchan Moderator
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Of course Rin's job is thief.
Then what is Hanayo's?

Pretty obvious she's the cleric.

Nezchan Moderator
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Glad they remembered that, at least in the manga (and I think the game? it's been a while), Honoka is a kendo prodigy. She knows her way around a sword.

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I almost wish this was a paced release instead of dumping all of them at once, there's so much to comment for each chapter.
Every time Snow Halation was used was perfect and so is Nico necromancer.
Kotori bird referencing videogames had the best comedic timing.
And the story was lot better than all the other half-assed isekais that air every season, having the real villain be the passing of time is genius as well as having Kotori be the real protag.

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Magical girl raising project lol

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Didn't expect the feels at the end, geez. The shiptease in this was great but the overall story was not something I expected to be this good. Probably one of the best fanwork I've seen. Now if it had proper Nicomaki, that'd be a different story entirely

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Now that was a wild ride

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That was better than it had any right to be. It made me tear up a bit.

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Was not expecting it to get so deep at the end there given the gag manga feels in the first few chapters. This was an absolute blast to read. 10/10 quality.

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This was a Good one

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No they cannot be married already, they are Missing a person

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This is so amazing <3

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