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Super cute!

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Yes, inject more adorable reimari straight into my veins.

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Alcohol is a momentary excuse, but they will never forget the feeling of that moment. Reimu seems quite satisfied with herself actually. Of course Marisa would be dodgy about it. As they say, every rumor has a grain of truth in it~

This deserves a part 2. All of the part 2s!

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Kiss and run

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their hands touched on the first date, it's like they popped their cherries. So impure

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What other people see:

normal vision

What me actually see:

lewd vision
lewd vision
lewd vision

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Lmao ^

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Really, when you think about it, this should be kind of a non-rumor, right? Like who cares. Everyone's gay in gensokyo, we know this already. Of course they're dating.

It would be news if they weren't...

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I'm gonna go ahead and steal my own joke:

Pfft, what a baseless rumor. Of course they aren't dating, they are married.

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D i a b e t e s

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just a kiss between straight friends, just gals being pals, nothing to gossip about here

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i love the panels where they are so happy and relieved that neither of them has someone they like. Thanks for the ReiMari, it's been a while.

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@Star Light
That's some real high-quality shitposting, right there! I tip my hat to you.

OrangePekoe Staff
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Tfw all your friends ship you together, yet you're still too dense to realise your feelings. Strange Chameleon's art is so good, sheesh.

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A friend is dragging me into this fandom, now here I am reading doujins lol

This one was really cute, I love it!

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My heart, my soul. It's overflowing with cuteness faints face on the floor, and throws up rainbow on the floor

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