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Can we get some longer doujins, please? Everyone makes them short, for the most part.

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Can we get some longer doujins, please? Everyone makes them short, for the most part.

Agreed. Lots of YuriMoko and Lots of sex doujins pls

Also, Tomoko is a bit cuter when she doesn’t speak

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I like this type of Yuri.

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You can blame this short length on twitter. Twitter allows only allows batches of 4 pictures max.

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i thought tomo would be a total dom with all the eroge she plays lol

No since the éloges are a 1000% real-Life fail for her

Her new look is probably due to yuri.

she just gave up on men lmao
or more like.. the men gave up on her o o f

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That last page caught me off guard ✪〰️✪

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Love the art style and Tomoko's sweater dress. Always enjoy a one-shot that just gives us what we want. Speeent.

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Could see Tomoko have such image change, but doubt Yuri will reverse back to such conservative look.

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This is officially Canon now lol

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short hair on tomoko is adorable, and her clothes fit surprisingly well with them. However I seriously doubt she would be the type to ever cut her hair that short or even think about wearing a turtleneck sweater

Tbh, I’ve been watching it in the manga, Tomoko has suprisingly good sense of fashion.
I prefer her with shorter hair, doesn’t have to be this short but she looks good with any length :3

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All of my yes on Tomoko's hairstyle. 10/10

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Updated with the twitter version, which had text throughout.

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This is so softttt

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It's nice to see this with dialogue now, but the original without text was just as good because you could practically imagine they were saying the same things, this author is pretty good.

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Could you re-upload the original textless version? I liked it better.

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Feels nice to go back to reading this

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good hairstyle on tomoko.

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daang!.. short-haired Tomoko is 'the' Best Tomoko i might say,

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