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i've always put this off because i couldn't picture cirno and reimu as a couple. holy moly did i miss a lot. this was great

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Pls my heart can't take this.

Random Wanderer
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This series is wonderful, but it stops on such a cliffhanger.

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As much as I'd love to get a conclusion to this series, I think we're at the point where it's pretty damn unlikely. If it does, great. But I'm not holding my breath any more.

Happy New Years, Nezchan. Hope you've been okay. You ought to add me on something, sure would like to have a live conversation, as opposed to these small encounters we share. lol.

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Still waiting

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still hoping for a new chapter

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It’s been six years since 9Cirno9 commented on how we can't wait for part 10 to arrive! SIX YEARS!!!

I wonder if the creator has kept his mind on this series? It's really charismatic, but it has emotions that I don't quite think can be written of six years after the events that creates them, don't you guys think?

Anyways: Here's some links for him for anybody who would like to investigate!

His Twitter:
His Pixiv:
His... Store? A site where he has his different manga listed. If there's any closure to be found, then it's definitely this site! But I don't know; I can't read Japanese >:P
And the listing seems to have old chapters instead of the recent ones, so that could be an issue. >.>

OrangePekoe Staff
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It's dead, Jim.

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Six years of people excited to see it! Has anybody asked what the ending was meant to be? Or could anybody kind enough ask? DX

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The half life 3 of Touhou doujins

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Maybe we're all just bakas?

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I didn't know this was an incomplete series, why, oh why???

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This was one of my earliest yuri doujins and i still think of it once in a while. I even think i made my account on here to follow this. Maybe someday we'll get that chapter 10.

OrangePekoe Staff
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Don't know about the rest of you but I felt personally attacked by this being the featured pairing.

GendoIkari Uploader
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Cirno and Reimu's four five sex

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At this point it's probably better to just pretend the stuff with Yukari never happened and be happy with the fluff we got..

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Bitfarb is a genius!

P.S. Happy Baka Day 2019

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Its been years ive been waiting lmao
Looks like chapter 10 never gonna be released!

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Don’t know about you but I felt personally attacked by this thread bump. ;_;

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Well, if you want false hope, the artist posted something to their Pixiv in late April.

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I'm sorry, I can't do it.

I can't have enough time because of the care of my family. And this situation is not likely to change for some time to come.
Thank you for reading my comic. ;D

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