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Damn shouldn't have read it T.T

Resurrect her again, you stupid idiot author!

Really hated the ending! Come on, a good ending for once!

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I really loved this so I bought the two volumes in Japanese.. and there were 3 bonus pages after the last chapter. Anywhere I can find them translated?

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Alright, so the 3 bonus pages are:
On the first Mitsu meets Kaya abose a bunch of coulds (there isn't much drawn)
mitsu: また会えたね
Kaya: あーあ、こんな早くみつが成仏してくるとは。。。

Roughly means (I think):
I didn't know Mitsu would ascend so soon... If I knew this would happen I would have stayed there longer

The other two pages:






Page 2:






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I need a hug after reading that

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dammit that ending was even worse for my heart re-reading through it o(╥﹏╥)o

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Waaa this manga was really beautiful! I used to be a fan of this sort of endings TuT I really loved it! I'm sure Mitsu will be able to be happy in that new life and I hope Kyouko can be happy too! I want to believe that someday somewhere they'll get to meet each other again and be happy <3 I remember reading a manga where something like this happened and the reborn girl ended up with her love even if time pased, so I'm gonna think that something like that might happen here T3T

joined Dec 16, 2015

I loved this manga, except for the ending gah Never liked reading tragic stuff (even though this is more bitter sweet), prefer to leave that to real life, and preferably not even that. See and think about it too much as is.

Why couldn't Kyouko pay the exorcist to bind Mitsu to her or something? And do regrets made as a ghost not count? e.g. not getting to stay with Kyouko. I seriously thought that's where this was heading ahhhh

Thanks for sharing the extra pages above! Can't read them, but Mitsu being in heaven makes things a bit more definitive. I'm almost tempted to write a doujin that shows the aftermath where Kyouko can't stand it and employs the exorcist to use forbidden rituals to summon Mitsu, or something like that. The priestess/hobbyist could try to stop them but fall in love with the exorcist and realise she wouldn't want to be separated either haha

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DR2 Hajime Hinata
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It might be my craziness and depression talking, but I kind of wish Kyouko would kill, no, no that's really bad I don't even know why I thought of that...but I can't help but think that Kyouko would fall in love with another, if she fell in love with Mitsu right after getting rejected by Madoka she can probably do it again but just wait a bit longer

Anyway in real life she probably would've moved on, but in real life you can't really talk to a ghost either

Real life is just tragic sometimes~ ( ⌣︿ ⌣) =з

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Here I am, again, I just came to cry a little

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What a bittersweet little manga. That really was charming and memorable. I think somebody needs to throw a tragedy or aaangst tag on that last chapter, though. Seriously, you don't expect a gut punch like that at the end of something labelled as a comedy.

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joined Aug 27, 2013

Tragedy? Depressing as fuck I'd say. I've been crying for hours now. Stupid manga.

joined Apr 29, 2018

It would be...rather pointless without them.

this WHOLE story IS already pointless! what does that change? by the beginning both kyouko and mitsu wanted to find love. they began with nothing and guess what? ended up with NOTHING because mitsu is gone and kyouko is as lonely as she was at the begining so tell what does that change if that sh*tty yamada and madoka are just out of the story? by the end we have NO progress just a two characters starting with broken hearts and by the end of the story NOTHING changed one is heartbroken in heaven and the other heartbroken in real world. this ending isn't even bittesweet it's just bitter. kyouko's situation NEVER changed except she's now suffering ALONE and she can keep smiling as long as she want we all know it's fake.

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joined Oct 17, 2018

I really enjoyed this and I loved the ending even though it was bitter sweet. It's been a while since a manga made me feel and cry like that <3

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joined Jul 1, 2019

Still want to read this again even it so sad, i cry my eyes out :((
i hate how a beautiful love destroy by that, but still love this manga, i wish it could have another happy end for those two.

joined Jun 25, 2019

Well at least Mitsu got what she wanted.
Kaya's issues were never resolved and the way she was let off was cold as fuck.

joined Aug 26, 2018

My heart fucking shattered. I demand an epilogue where Mitsu is reincarnated and meets adult Kyouko

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Damm was hoping that demon could maybe do something :+

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Wow cried through the night with this one

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This is really underrated, I wish there was a bit of a happier ending though :(

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I came to cry again lol. I love this one so much I can't stop reading after so many years.

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aaaAaAAaaaaa i need an extra

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That really hurt, but that just means it mattered. And I reallly liked that the story continued a couple more pages after Mitsu went to heaven, life went on in her absense.

Though I feel really abd for that other ghost that dissapeared without even a proper goodbye, even more because I don't remember her name.

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