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This was a pretty interesting start for a series. Don`t think I read it before, or if I did I don't remember it. I'd like to see more, kinda seems like Tranquil Spring is dead? Would be too bad if we never saw more of this series. Thanks to the uploaders for putting this up anyway, though. And to Tranquil Springs, if they ever manage to get back on their feet.

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I remember being really excited for this series, although all the girls this author draws look like lolis. Maybe that's just me though? Either way, I miss Tranquil Spring :(

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Sadly, it was dropped after 4 chapters

although all the girls this author draws look like lolis.

Actually he/she draws mostly loli porn

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although all the girls this author draws look like lolis.

Actually he/she draws mostly loli porn

Ah, that makes sense. Was it cancelled or was it just a short series?

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It's 4 chapters long but don't know if's cancelled or finished

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drpepperfan Admin
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It was finished I believe, 4 chapters long, but Tranquil Spring only finished the first one. Here'e hoping they either come back from the dead or it gets picked up by someone else.

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The threads on Yuri Project don't seem to have any action, unfortunately. I really hope someone decides to work on it soon.

Nezchan Moderator
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Shame this seems to have choked at the starting gate. Very promising opening.

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At least the ending is good enough that I can pretend this is a one-shot.

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I forgot I posted those raws xD

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I do hope someone translates the next three chapters. It seems like an interesting premise. :)

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I skimmed over the rest. There's nothing interesting there. Just some introspection and no yuri to speak of. Move along.

No wonder it got dropped.

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oh god the first part already hit me because the girl is really young and looks up for her older sister. I'm still at page one. so... I'll just continue reading it until god know what conclusion will occur for this chapter. I hope it goes well~

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You can find chapter 2-4 here. Chapter 4 is the ending.

But mind you, it's not interesting.

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