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OrangePekoe Staff
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I dunno, it's kinda weird. And unfortunately I think it has just one more chapter - in Hirari 13 - but please do correct me on that point if I'm mistaken.

The part with the bomb was really funny and cute though.

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this is awesome.

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Those abs were too amazing for me to handle. I looked it up and Japan actually is letting women into the air force, so that's cool.

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This is absolute nonsensical trash

*immediately subscribes*

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Those abs are too detailed...

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Those abs tho.. XD

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Wait, that eyepatch, dark hair, past career in the air force... Is this secretly a Strike Witches doujin? Major Sakamoto's life after losing her magic?

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^ Canon.

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I admit, I'm here bcoz of the tags... But wow! this is certainly crazy, I've never seen a pair like this... I hope we get at least 10 chapters Pekoe :(

Going for the loli this time?!

drpepperfan Admin
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Only one more chapter of abs? What's the point of living.

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Those abs are indeed very nice but aside from that mostly I was confused by this one.

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That magically disappearing beard tho:

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Holy crap, the abs were unexpecting but nice
And there is only two chapters?! ;-;

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unexpectedly buff is always good

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"how to make a bomb"

Getting rid of meidos is SRS BZNS.

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Awesome start, perverted lolicon maid vs cute mischevious loli. XD

Didn't see those abs coming, though. Oo
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Damn I wasn't expecting her to be buff.

But that was a good read tho.

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The dad is my role model.

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I was going to mention the story seems to be hinting at Misha's mother being deceased and her animosity towards maids and caretakers being based around her belief that nobody can replace her mother, which would be a rather touching piece of character and narrative development.

But I'll just join everyone else in talking about sweet abs.

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make more full support
it was awsome

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This deserve 'WTF AM I READING' tag.

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That Loli can't run away XD. Impressive abs

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Buff lolicon ex-soldier maid.

No weirder string of descriptors has been uttered by this self.
For that i say : what the ****.

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Certainly I thought this was a Valmet x Koko AU doujin skdfghjlsdks

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  • ex-soldier
  • eyepatch
  • muscular
  • black hair
  • crazy lesbian

This MC is totally Valmet from Jormungand.

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