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does it have a good story? hmm...

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does it have a good story? hmm...

for me it is:) but as for being a yuri/shoujo-ai.. err. i'm not that satisfied :3 t'was more like a story of friendship :) well, it's been so long since i read it so, but as far as i remember, i was like "is this really shoujo-ai? 0,o well i still like the story so whatever XD"

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I gotta say, I agree with Nirpan's analysis at the end. Meh.

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was one of the twins a guy? I couldn't tell at all.

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Hm, mixed feelings here. Felt kind of like two different stories squashed together-- a yuri-ish sci-fi story and a slice-of-life drama. Both are decent, but they don't entirely fit together, and it feels like trying to tie them together stopped either from getting a satisfying resolution

Also, yeah, this isn't really yuri. There's some interesting subtext, but it doesn't go anywhere

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i can't understand how someone can dislike hakamada mera's works, yuri or not, it's all masterpieces...

lot of thanks to the one who finished this project, and to yuri girl for Her world

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The story was beautiful....but they should've at least made a big impact on the ending....After they page,they're already buddy-buddy.It's like there's a missing page here,where they confront each other.and yeah...i wish it was more of a romance yuri.But friend-type is good as well.

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Damn !!!!! My hunch was right ! When I saw the lighting I thought of aliens or UFO but damn ! I never really thought that the story would progressed like that ! . When ebi-chan was reading the manga of tachibana I was like "what the f***?!" All in all I really like this manga ^_^

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I was just going through some older manga and found this, so I thought I would give it a shot. It turns out to be a pretty good story after all. And here I thought I would never enjoy a story about friendship between girls with no girls love in it.

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I kind of like that it wasn't some contrived misunderstanding, that drove them apart. Like, instead of having some limp reveal where it turns out Tachibana was calling the other girls pathetic, not Ebi, and she said they weren't friends because she just thought it would make Ebi uncomfortable to be put on the spot like that after two years of not talking. It would have been easy to idealise the real Tachibana, to make her return more simple and sparkly, but presenting her as a flawed and weak person made her more interesting, and more complicated than you'd expect a character who's absent for all but two chapters to be.

That said, it's still kind of weird how the "main story" takes place entirely within the first and last couple of chapters. The rest of the manga feels like another thing entirely. As if Hakameda Mera interrupted a sombre oneshot about estranged friends and death and aliens with a sixteen chapter spin-off about their time in design school, and they don't really connect to each other. Getting distracted by the B plot and rushing the A plot is something of a habit for this author, it seems.

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i really liked it, even with some "wtf?" moments

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i thought it was going to be good but i was disappointed by the end : ( i agree with Gale about Mera getting sidetracked- I wish she chose plot A or plot B to focus on but not at the same time!

for me personally i liked mera's decision to focus on people in a vocational design school who are viewed as 'less successful' and who struggle with feeling incompetent around others and leaving it as lessons about that would have been fine. but especially towards the last chapters in this storyline tachibana's role was lost completely. >< and the sci-fi part was... strange haha

still would buy this if it came in two books for both storylines lol

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Took me 30 mins to muster up my courage before I can finally advance to the next chapter from the self introduction part.

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The scifi part seemed a bit half hearted. When she turned out to be super powered I expected there to happen a bit more with that beside carrying heavy stuff.

Marion Diabolito
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In the end they are living together and probably a couple. FWIW.

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Thanks for the work on this Nirpan! I agree with the ending comments you left - but I ran through the comments here on Dynasty before reading, so I wasn't left too dried up.

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