Tag › Yuri

Female + female relationship(s).
Should be mostly explanatory when reading the chapter/series.
Does NOT matter what the setting is, just needs to have a relationship involving two women (or those who identify as women).

Should NOT be paired with the futanari tag unless there is somehow a separate relationship that does not involve futanari.

108 Loves by Yui Hinako released Jan 2 '17 Incest New Year's Tsundere Yuri
Love Love Sandiawich by Yuni Love Live! Sunshine!! Doujin released Jan 1 '17 Dia x Kanan x Mari Hot spring Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Polyamory Threesome Yuri
How to Make a Love Letter by Charie K-ON! Doujin released Dec 31 '16 Christmas Comedy Mio x Ritsu Yuri
Sexy Kintaro by Amano Shuninta released Dec 31 '16 Age gap Animalization Comedy Fantasy Historical Very large size gap What the fuck am I reading? Yuri
Hello & Hello (second part) by Youkanchi Kantai Collection Doujin released Dec 30 '16 Drama Mutsu x Nagato Sequel Yuri
Moondrops by Taamo released Dec 29 '16 School life Yuri
Sweetening Things in the Night by Shiohachi Touhou Project Doujin released Dec 29 '16 Reimu x Yukari Yuri
Love Siesta by J.O.C e.go!! Granblue Fantasy Doujin released Dec 27 '16 Beatrix x Zeta Lots of sex NSFW Yuri
On the Night of the Festival by Takeshisu Puella Magi Madoka Magica Doujin released Dec 27 '16 Kyouko x Mami Yuri
Dokkin! YURI Riko by Ripo Day PreCure Doujin released Dec 27 '16 Comedy Mirai x Riko Yuri
CHIMAME HOROYOI PARTY + Omake Bon by Tousaki Shiina Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? Doujin released Dec 26 '16 Chino x Maya x Megumi Drunk Yuri
Adult ManaAri in which Alice is to enter a marriage of convenience by Panmi (Negom) PreCure Doujin released Dec 26 '16 Adult life Alice x Mana Drama Full colour Yuri
The Radiance of the Stars by Azuma Yukihiko PreCure Doujin released Dec 25 '16 Mai x Saki Yuri
Real-Time YoshiMaru Christmas Eve by Mezashi Love Live! Sunshine!! Doujin released Dec 25 '16 Christmas Comedy Hanamaru x Yoshiko Kanan x Mari Yuri
Clumsy Girlfriend by Tama II Hibike! Euphonium Doujin released Dec 24 '16 Kumiko x Reina Yuri
Sexy Night MakoRitsu by Panmi (Negom) PreCure Doujin released Dec 24 '16 Full colour Makoto x Rikka Sequel Yuri
Christmas ManaAri by Panmi (Negom) PreCure Doujin released Dec 24 '16 Alice x Mana Christmas Full colour Yuri
KaeMizu Christmas Comic by Tima The Idolmaster Doujin released Dec 24 '16 Christmas Kaede x Mizuki No text Yuri
Wish For One by Oimo released Dec 24 '16 Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Pregnant Science babies Supernatural Yuri
MakoRitsu Pretending to be Lovers by Panmi (Negom) PreCure Doujin released Dec 23 '16 Makoto x Rikka Tsundere Yuri
Umi-chan is my Present!? by Chocore Love Live! Doujin released Dec 23 '16 BDSM Kotori x Umi Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Yuri
Bind Me Tight!! by Wildstyle Yuru Yuri Doujin released Dec 23 '16 Ayano x Kyouko BDSM Comedy Ecchi Wishful thinking Yuri
The One I Love by Mikage Sekizai released Dec 22 '16 Big breasts Moderate amounts of sex NSFW School girl Yuri
And Still My Blood Yearns For You by Takewan Kantai Collection Doujin released Dec 22 '16 Aaaaaangst Musashi x Yamato Muscles NSFW Yuri
Game Over by Kagero released Dec 22 '16 School girl Yuri