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Under One Starry Sky (Roof) by Tama II Yurucamp Doujin released Oct 19 '21 Nadeshiko x Rin Wholesome Yuri
Rin and Nadeshiko ~Night of the Camp Chapter~ by Mori Airi Yurucamp Doujin released Dec 6 '19 Lots of sex NSFW Nadeshiko x Rin Sequel Toys Yuri
Rin and Nadeshiko ~Preparing For Summer Camp On a City Date!~ by Mori Airi Yurucamp Doujin released Dec 4 '19 Ecchi Nadeshiko x Rin Yuri
Flirty Camp by Ukaniuka Yurucamp Doujin released Jan 31 '19 Aoi x Chiaki Ecchi Ice cream Legs Nadeshiko x Rin Yuri
Watashi no Kawaii Nadeshiko by Aikawa Ryou Yurucamp Doujin released Jan 21 '19 Lots of sex Masturbation NSFW Nadeshiko x Rin Yuri
Triangle Secret by Goyac Yurucamp Doujin released Oct 17 '18 NSFW Nadeshiko x Rin Pregnant Wishful thinking Yuri