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Chapters which contain important plot/character details that would "spoil" the series of origin for someone who doesn't know those details yet.

TakiChisa manga set after episode 9 by Koyomania Lycoris Recoil Doujin released Sep 12 '22 Chisato x Takina Yuri
BinahZena (kankan) by kankan Library of Ruina Doujin released Aug 14 '22 Binah x Zena Comedy Het on page 5 Hod x Zena Yuri
Sweetie Peaches by Melty Pot The Demon Girl Next Door Doujin released Jul 1 '22 Bath Full color Moderate amounts of sex Momo x Yuuko NSFW Navel play Swimsuits Yuri
Momo-chan Yamiochi Shita!? by borushichi The Demon Girl Next Door Doujin released Jun 28 '22 Comedy Drugs Height gap Lots of sex Momo x Yuuko NSFW Yuri
2DK, G-Pen, Aftertime. by Ohsawa Yayoi released May 30 '22 Drama Office lady Sequel Yuri
The Demon Girl's Thin Book by borushichi The Demon Girl Next Door Doujin released Nov 30 '21 Bath Demon Moderate amounts of sex Momo x Yuuko NSFW Yuri
The First Bite of Cha-Han!! by UMInoST SSSS.Gridman Doujin released Nov 25 '21 Akane x Rikka Bath Food Yuri
I Live with My Boss by Yuni I Love You So Much, I Hate You Doujin and Original Doujin released Nov 16 '21 Adult life Age gap Comedy NSFW Sequel Yuri
Sei and Stella's dark what if by Amaya VA-11 HALL-A Doujin released Mar 14 '21 Aaaaaangst Sei x Stella Tragedy Yuri
Koizumi-san! A Big Bang From the Sky by shinshishinc Danganronpa Doujin released Feb 9 '21 Hiyoko x Mahiru Supernatural Yuri
mos/exu comic by Vento Arknights Doujin released Aug 25 '20 Exusiai x Mostima Read left to right Yuri
Even geniuses get lonely by Yurikawa Chatora Fate/X Doujin released Aug 20 '20 Gender bender Gudako x Leonardo da Vinci Yuri
The Case of A Certain Dream I Had One Day by Akagine_sansu Arknights Doujin released Aug 11 '20 Aaaaaangst Ch'en x Hoshiguma
Nighty Night, Scheherazade ch01: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by Shinofusa Rokurou released Apr 21 '20 Comedy Ecchi School girl Yuri
A story of Shamiko spending the night at Momo’s house by Minakata Sunao The Demon Girl Next Door Doujin released Apr 16 '20 Momo x Yuuko Yuri
The Shinigami's Rowing Her Boat as Usual ch02 by Aya Azuma Touhou Project Doujin released Feb 2 '20 Fantasy
MariYuu by Satomi Sann Pokémon Doujin released Nov 25 '19 Gloria x Marnie Yuri
The Truth is... by Sakusaku It's Not My Fault That I'm Not Popular! Doujin released May 3 '19 Asuka x Tomoko Drama Yuri
The Price of Being Right by Kappamaki Houseki no Kuni Doujin released Apr 7 '19 Bort x Diamond Non-binary
Dennou Toshi no Fuyuurei by Kokonoka VA-11 HALL-A Doujin released Sep 21 '18 Anna x Dorothy
A Short Memory from a Long Summer by Chorimokki Pokémon Doujin released Sep 17 '18 Aaaaaangst Drama Lillie x Moon Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Yuri
Shoujo Shuumatsu Sex by Mukaibi Aoi Girls' Last Tour Doujin released May 20 '18 Alternate reality Chito x Yuuri Lots of sex NSFW Yuri
Meeting at the Root of All Flowers by 322g Danganronpa Doujin released May 19 '18 Drama Kirigiri x Sayaka Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Yuri
HOME by Michairu Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru Doujin released Apr 18 '18 Tougou x Yuuna Yuri
Requiem for Rebellion ch01: The Eve by Jam Ouji Puella Magi Madoka Magica Doujin released Feb 22 '18 Drama Violence