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Superstar One Draw Episode 1 - This Yet Unnamed Feeling by Matsuoka Michihiro released Jul 26 '21 4-koma Comedy Full colour Kanon x Keke Yuri
The Childhood Friend Alliance by Gistar Love Live! Doujin, Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club Doujin, Love Live! Sunshine!! Doujin, and Love Live! Superstar!! Doujin released Aug 14 '21 Comedy
Superstar Episode Comics ch01: I can't hear anything by PLP released Aug 14 '21 Comedy Kanon x Keke Yuri
Superstar Episode Comics ch02: Missed her chance once around ten years ago by PLP released Aug 14 '21 Comedy Kanon x Keke
Superstar Episode Comics ch03: Keke-chan and Chii-chan's Common Interest by PLP released Aug 14 '21 Chisato x Kanon (Love Live) Comedy Kanon x Keke
Going Dutch by Mezashi released Aug 20 '21 Comedy
I tried drawing Shibuya Kanon in Episode 4 going off just my memory by Ast released Aug 23 '21 BDSM Kanon x Sumire Keke x Sumire NSFW Yuri
The Endless Spring Break by Mezashi released Aug 28 '21 Drama
KanoChii in Episode 5 by Maruta released Sep 2 '21 Chisato x Kanon (Love Live) Full colour Yuri
Bittersweet, however... by gigabeans released Sep 3 '21 Chisato x Kanon (Love Live) Introspective Kanon x Keke Love triangle Yuri
The First Star by Seiha released Sep 6 '21 Full colour Introspective
Chii-chan's Long-Awaited Dream by Mezashi released Sep 10 '21 Chisato x Kanon (Love Live) Yuri
The Beginning is Their World by Gaterar released Sep 15 '21 3D Drama Full colour Kanon x Keke
Everlasting Summer☆Sunshine by Mezashi released Sep 17 '21 Chisato x Kanon (Love Live) Comedy Yuri
Connecting Feelings by Mezashi released Sep 19 '21 No text
KuuSumi Student Council President Election by NoriNeko released Sep 19 '21 Comedy
Happy Birthday Sumire-chan by Hayase released Sep 28 '21 Birthday Keke x Sumire No text
The "cool" Chii-chan and the "cute" Chii-chan by Kashikaze released Oct 5 '21 Chisato x Kanon (Love Live)
Sure-Fire Winning Strategy by Vorupi released Oct 5 '21 Comedy Full colour Keke x Sumire Yuri
Ren-Metal Alchemist by Koala-ya released Oct 7 '21 Comedy Full colour Parody
The Reluctant Birthday Present by Shiro released Oct 8 '21 Birthday Keke x Sumire
LoveLiveSuperstar!! Any% Speedrun RTA by Iwana released Oct 12 '21 Comedy Full colour