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MahoPre by Akinbo PreCure Doujin released Feb 15 '17 Mirai x Riko NSFW Rape Sleeping Yuri
Mononoke Sharing ch14 by Cool Kyoushinsha released Jan 12 '17 Big breasts Comedy Ecchi Lots of hugging Monster girl Sleeping Slice of life Supernatural Yuri Yuri crush
Doremy Wants to Sleep with Sagume by Xiaobei Touhou Project Doujin released Nov 30 '16 Doremy x Sagume Full colour No text Sleeping Yuri
Riko-chan Smiles Silently by Sawano Akira Love Live! Doujin and Love Live! Sunshine!! Doujin released Sep 24 '16 Chika x Riko Chika x You Comedy Ecchi Sleeping Yuri
SonoHanabira Pillow Talker Sara x Kaede by BruelDratia Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Doujin released May 14 '15 4-koma Big breasts Comedy Kaede x Sara NSFW No text Sleeping Yuri
Blanket by 14 Love Live! Doujin released Aug 13 '14 Full colour Maki x Nico Moe up the butt No text Sleeping Yuri
Shunmin Mezame wo Oboezu by SOFTCHARM released Nov 28 '08 Anal Hardcore Lolicon Lots of sex Masturbation Molestation NSFW Orgy Rape Sleeping Wishful thinking Yuri