Tag › Yuri

Female -> female love & female + female relationships.
Should be mostly explanatory when reading the chapter/series.
Does NOT matter what the setting is it just needs to feature love involving (at least) two women. Transgender women are women too.
For stories with extra ambiguity, consider the Subtext tag instead. For stories featuring one-sided love as a side-plot or secondary character trait, use Yuri crush.

The Daughter of Evil and Miss Devil ch10: I Have No Interest in Men by Fuxiao Lianmeng, Jiukuishu, and Morel released Sep 27 '23 Comedy Fantasy Full color Isekai Long strip Romance School life Villainess
I Don't Know Which One is Love ch24.2 by Tamamusi released Sep 27 '23 Blushing College Comedy Harem
A Love Yet To Bloom ch7.5: Volume 1 extra by Fukaumi Kon released Sep 27 '23 Blushing Glasses Public Transportation School girl
My Best Friend Who I Love Fell Completely in Love With My Vtuber Self ch31 by Hikawa Shou released Sep 26 '23 Comedy Glasses Idiot couple Mangaka Partial color Tsundere
And Thus I Was Picked Up By My Boss's Daughter ch09: Everyone Does What They Want by Akashi released Sep 26 '23 Age gap Comedy Drama Glasses Office lady School girl
Liberta ch50.2 by Tatsubon released Sep 26 '23 Action Comedy Ecchi Foiled rape attempt Guns and explosions Horror Smoking Supernatural Tattoo Tomboy Vampire Violence
Kaguhara's Fetish Notebook ch9.2: The Leaves Beneath Proclaiming Autumn's Prescript (4) by Kito Sakeru released Sep 26 '23 Comedy Ecchi Introspective School life Smell
The Princess of Sylph ch10.1: Twitter Extra (Self-Sacrificing) by Kamejiro released Sep 24 '23 Adventure Comedy Fantasy Nun Violence
The Princess of Sylph ch10: Snapdragon (2) by Kamejiro released Sep 24 '23 Adventure Comedy Fantasy Nun
Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess! ch76: You're My Favorite! by Chise, Ciwei Mao Yuedu, and Mo Xian She released Sep 24 '23 Bullying Comedy Fantasy Full color Isekai Long strip Read left to right Romance School life System Administrator Tsundere Villainess
Goodbye, Daisy ch02 by Momono Moto released Sep 24 '23 Aaaaaangst Drama Glasses School girl Tomboy
The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy At All ch59: This Is Love by Arai Sumiko Original Doujin released Sep 24 '23 Glasses Gyaru Music Partial color Romance School life Tomboy
Please Spoil Me, Hinamori-san! ch12 by Tsuke released Sep 23 '23 Comedy Love triangle School girl Tsundere
Fuzoroi no Renri (Side Stories) ch33 by Mikanuji released Sep 23 '23 Adult life Age gap Couple life Delinquent Heke x Shinohara Office lady School girl
My Sweet Bride by Kitaku Gundam: The Witch from Mercury Doujin released Sep 22 '23 Finger Licking Lots of sex Miorine x Suletta NSFW
Under the Moonlit Night by Takeshisu Original Doujin released Sep 22 '23 Dark skin Drama Elf Fantasy Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Romance
Anemone is in Heat ch35: Sensei by Sakuragi Ren released Sep 22 '23 Idiot couple Lots of hugging Romance School life Wholesome
Epilogue: Under the Blue Sky by Izumi Kirifu Blue Archive Doujin released Sep 21 '23 Azusa x Hifumi Spoilers
How Do I Get Together With My Childhood Friend? ch15 by Yasaka Shuu released Sep 21 '23 Childhood friends Comedy Height gap Idiot couple Romance School life Wholesome
Alcohol and Ogre-girls ch17 by Hashiba Misato and zinbei released Sep 21 '23 College Comedy Drunk Gyaru Monster girl Roommates Supernatural
Maitsuki, Niwatsuki, Ooyatsuki ch23 by Yodokawa released Sep 21 '23 Adult life Age gap Comedy Idol Romance Roommates Slice of life Wholesome
Virgins' Empire ch277.3: Mini chapter 64: This Feeling... by Kishi Torajirou released Sep 21 '23 Comedy Ecchi Haruka x Kanae NSFW School life Slice of life
A Scummy Gap Student With a Hard Life Calls Upon a Lady of the Night ch58: Promise With the Scumbag by Kosuzume released Sep 20 '23 Age gap Pay for gay Prostitution
An Illustrated Guide to Sapphic Behavior ch10.1: Escape Room, Schadenfreude by MOMO636 released Sep 20 '23 Comedy Full color Long strip Read left to right
A Spoonful of Courage Aimed at the Stars by Rita Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight Doujin released Sep 20 '23 Junna x Nana Lots of hugging Wholesome