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Maiko Magica by Maitake2 Puella Magi Madoka Magica Doujin released Jun 7 '17 Alternate reality Comedy Ecchi Historical Homura x Madoka Yuri
Me and Her and Love and Desire by Amanagi Seiji Original Doujin released Feb 13 '17 Abuse Historical Lots of sex NSFW Tsundere Yuri
Sexy Kintaro by Amano Shuninta released Dec 31 '16 Age gap Animalization Comedy Fantasy Historical Very large size gap What the fuck am I reading? Yuri
The Princess and the Slave by Mira Original Doujin released Sep 18 '16 Big breasts Blushing Comedy Historical Incest Lots of sex Maid NSFW Reversal Romance Yuri
Fox Princess by Yukimura released Jul 25 '16 Historical Yuri
Gardenia by Himawari Souya released Nov 21 '15 Aaaaaangst Drama Historical School life Yuri
Huaqing Afterglow by Li Lan-sheng released Sep 21 '15 Bath Historical NSFW Non-moe art Yuri
White, And Pink by Sengoku Hiroko released Aug 28 '12 Historical Romance Yuri
Nekoroma by Aoyama Aruto released Jan 4 '12 Animal ears Drama Historical NSFW Supernatural Yuri
Princess Sakura, Showered with Blossoms by Morishima Akiko released Jul 6 '10 Fantasy Historical Yuri
Koburiawase Part B by Ugawa Hiroki released Mar 24 '10 Aaaaaangst Drama Historical Tsundere
Hatshepsut II by Yamagishi Ryouko released Mar 24 '10 Age gap Drama Historical NSFW Rape Supernatural Yuri
Hatshepsut I by Yamagishi Ryouko released Feb 10 '10 Drama Historical NSFW Supernatural Tragedy Yuri
The Cherry Tree Correspondence by Himawari Souya released Oct 7 '09 Historical Romance Yuri
Koburiawase Part A by Ugawa Hiroki released Jun 30 '09 Aaaaaangst Drama Historical Tsundere
The Promised Finger by Yuzuha Seiro released Aug 5 '07 Historical Romance Tragedy Yuri
Snowflakes Fluttering Down Through the Clear Sky by Himawari Souya released Oct 10 '06 Historical Yuri
Whispers Under the Roses by Sakurai Aya released Aug 17 '06 Historical School life Yuri