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Loli-ka Record by ifpark Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story Doujin released Oct 22 '20 Alina x Karin Bath Childification Hazuki x Konoha Iroha x Yachiyo Kaede x Rena Kokoro x Masara Lolicon Lots of sex Mitama x Momoko NSFW Yuri
The Lily Blooms Addled ch02 by Titiduki released Sep 27 '20 Age gap Bath Big breasts Blushing Incest Lots of sex NSFW School girl Yuri
Karen and Hikari by Nagisora Riku Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight Doujin released Sep 26 '20 Bath Hikari x Karen Yuri
Story about OL-san Picking up a Cat ch03: Third Night - OL Taking a Bath with Her Cat by Takano Saku released Jul 31 '20 Age gap Animal ears Bath Biting Ecchi Office lady Supernatural Vampire Yuri
If You Could See Love ch01 by Nanaji Yuuki and Teren Mikami released Jul 9 '20 Bath Childhood friends Comedy Love triangle School life Supernatural Yuri
First Time With Sis by Amedamacon released Jun 10 '20 Age gap Bath Childhood friends NSFW Yuri
Hana Ni Arashi ch75: Baring Ourselves Part 2 by Kovachi Luka released Jun 2 '20 Bath Blushing Comedy Romance School girl School life Yuri
lyrical time by Mikami Sasara Inu x Boku SS Doujin released Jun 1 '20 Bath Karuta x Ririchiyo Lots of sex NSFW Watersports Yuri
Grow Up Bath Time by Yasaka Shuu BanG Dream! Doujin released May 22 '20 Bath Childhood friends Comedy Ran x Tsugumi Yuri
Background Girl vs Spotlight Girl by Homura Subaru released May 4 '20 Bath Big breasts Lots of sex NSFW Swimsuits Yuri
Kadan -Helichrysum- ch03 by Sakurai Minami and Ume Maru released May 2 '20 Adult life Bath Drama Drunk Lots of sex NSFW Yuri
VAMPEERZ ch13 by Higashiyama Shou released Mar 23 '20 Bath Comedy Ecchi School girl Vampire Violence Yuri
In Our Dream by Aya Shachou BanG Dream! Doujin released Mar 19 '20 Bath Ecchi Hina x Sayo Incest Twins Yuri
Good Girl + Good Things by Homura Subaru released Mar 3 '20 Bath Big breasts Massage NSFW Pay for gay Yuri
Useless Princesses ch20: My Feelings by Ajiichi released Feb 22 '20 Bath Comedy Drama Glasses School girl Yuri
Kami ★ Ona’ by Homura Subaru Original Doujin released Jan 13 '20 Bath Hair Incest Lots of sex NSFW Sequel Toys Yuri
KAGERI-HIBI×MIKU Omnibus by Kurihara Kenshirou Senki Zesshou Symphogear Doujin released Jan 8 '20 Bath Clones Comedy Ecchi Hibiki x Miku Swimsuits Yuri
2nd Movie After Story by Workaholic Cardcaptor Sakura Doujin released Jan 7 '20 Bath Lolicon Meiling x Tomoyo Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Sequel Yuri
My Wish is to Fall In Love Until You Die ch10: The Never-Ending Night by Aono Nachi released Jan 6 '20 Assassin Bath Fantasy Romance School life Yuri
Unicorn and Sabishigariya Girl ch2.2: It's That Naked Buddies Thing, Right<3 Part 2 by Mei Fujimatsu released Dec 31 '19 Bath Comedy Monster girl School girl Supernatural Yuri
Angel's Roost by Negom Hugtto! PreCure Doujin released Dec 2 '19 Age gap Bath Lots of sex MOB Sensei x Saaya NSFW Sequel Student x Teacher Yuri
Taking a Bath with a Sexy Onee-san and then, ♥♥♥ by Pageratta released Nov 26 '19 Bath Ecchi
Tae-chan and Jimiko-san ch13 by Kurogane Ken released Nov 1 '19 Adult life Age gap Anal Bath Cheating Co-worker Comedy Glasses Lots of sex NSFW Office lady Roommates Yuri
Mimi Mix! ch03: A good example of a healthy body from eating and sleeping well by Hirose Madoka released Oct 7 '19 Animal ears Bath Comedy Ecchi School girl Yuri
Useless Princesses ch16: It's What Fujishiro Would Do by Ajiichi released Sep 25 '19 Bath Comedy Drama Glasses School girl Yuri