Kawai Roh https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=154754

Also known as Kawai Rou

My Little Red Riding Hood released Sep 6 '15 NSFW School girl Wishful thinking Yuri
Sisters Yuri released Mar 3 '19 Aaaaaangst Drama Incest School girl Yuri
The OL Who Dislikes Children And The Meek Elementary Schooler Original Doujin released Jun 25 '19 Age gap Comedy Older than she looks Younger than she looks
Magic Can't Buy Cigarettes released Jul 22 '19 Comedy Mahou shoujo
Lovely Mental Illness Distortion released Jun 13 '20 Cheating Drama Yuri
Love and Lifespan Original Doujin released Nov 1 '20 Comedy School girl Supernatural Yuri
This Is Your Fault, Momo. released Dec 26 '20 Guro Het School girl Tragedy Violence Yandere Yuri
The Worst Valentine Original Doujin released Feb 20 '21 Aaaaaangst School girl Valentine's Yuri
Batting Range Original Doujin released Jun 13 '21 Tomboy Yuri
A Room For Two Anthology: Room 202 A Room For Two Doujin released Dec 14 '22 Couple life Roommates School life Slice of life Yuri