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Honey Method / The Girls' Party by Chisako released Jan 13 '18 Adult life Bisexual Tomboy Yuri
A Death Sentence From An Unsmiling Witch by Katakura Ako released Dec 21 '17 Bisexual School girl Yuri
Double Bind by Ohsawa Yayoi released Oct 31 '17 Aaaaaangst Adult life Bisexual Drama Yuri
Selfish Fuzz and Pikapika-san by Ohsawa Yayoi released Aug 31 '17 Bisexual Childhood friends Het Rape School girl Yuri
My Adorable Bitch by Kawanami Izumi released May 12 '17 Bisexual Cheating Drama Player Roommates Yuri
The Love Relationship between Mai-chan and Ecchan by Momono Moto released Feb 13 '17 Age gap Bisexual NSFW Player School girl Yuri
Alice by Komura Ayumi released Jan 11 '17 Bisexual Comedy Drama School life Tomboy Yuri
I Want To Seduce You by Kitao Taki Original Doujin released Nov 25 '16 Adult life Bisexual Blushing Co-worker Drunk Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Yuri
Don’t Forget the Forget-Me-Nots by Katakura Ako released Nov 5 '16 Aaaaaangst Adult life Bisexual Depressing as fuck Drama Violence Yuri
If a Lie Is Not Told, It Cannot Become Yuri by Ayanero Taicho released Aug 18 '16 Big breasts Bisexual Lots of kissing Lots of sex NSFW Reversal School girl Watersports Yuri
The Girl's Magic Flute by Isoya Yuki released May 31 '16 Age gap Bisexual School girl Yuri
Mama Yuu by Tamamusi Original Doujin released Apr 10 '16 Adult life Bisexual Yuri
First Lend by Ryoh-Zoh released Feb 13 '16 Beach Bisexual Cheating Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Swimsuits Yuri
Bridesmaid by Ratana Satis Original Doujin released Jun 4 '15 Aaaaaangst Adult life Bisexual Childhood friends Drama Marriage Read left to right Yuri
Unripe Fruit by Tamamusi Original Doujin released Jan 6 '15 Age gap Bisexual NSFW Student teacher Yuri
Spring Haze: The Path We Walk On by Yui7 Original Doujin released Nov 14 '14 Adult life Bisexual Drama Glasses Lots of kissing Lots of sex NSFW School girl Yuri
Drifting Body by Matsumoto Michiyo released Oct 23 '14 Aaaaaangst Adult life Bisexual Drama Het Love triangle NSFW Non-moe art Yuri
The Tenth Ten Commandments by Akisato Wakuni released Oct 2 '14 Bisexual Cheating Drama Love triangle Non-moe art Old school School life Yuri
Fleurir by Bunong and Mytyl Original Doujin released Oct 21 '13 Big breasts Bisexual Childhood friends Lolicon Lots of sex NSFW School girl Tomboy Yuri
MACOHOLIC by Shotenin Matori The Idolmaster Doujin released Sep 17 '13 Aaaaaangst Ahegao BDSM Bisexual Lots of sex Makoto x Miki NSFW Rape Toys Watersports Yuri
Encounter Effect by Kodama Naoko released Aug 8 '13 Bisexual Drama NSFW Yuri
My Teddy Bear by Tanaka Minoru released Oct 20 '12 Adult life Bears Bisexual Drunk Romance Yuri
A Space Voyage with Suwako-san by Sakamoto Mano released Dec 1 '11 Aaaaaangst Adult life Bisexual Cheating Drama Romance Yuri
Miss Onimaru's Love by Miyauchi Yuuka released Sep 25 '11 Bisexual Co-worker Yuri
Roche Limit by Sekiya Asami released Sep 21 '11 Bisexual Cheating Drunk NSFW Older than she looks Romance Yuri