Also known as Rudy Tudy Subs

April 2024
My Thanks to You by nekonso Love Live! Doujin released Apr 20 '24 Drama Honoka x Nico Introspective
Tickets→Trip! by Funoko Aikatsu! Doujin released Apr 1 '24 Akari x Sena Het
January 2024
It's Probably Love(?) by Tokonoma released Jan 1 '24 Blushing Glasses Height gap Insane amounts of scanlators School life Wholesome Yuri
May 2023
Notes (Mu46016419) by Mu (Mu46016419) Library of Ruina Doujin released May 27 '23 Angela x Malkuth Yuri
My Hero by Punappu Fate/X Doujin released May 25 '23 Aaaaaangst Spoilers
Don't Take my Nee-san Away! by Suzuko Fate/X Doujin released May 8 '23 Clones Incest Rin x Sakura (Fate) Spoilers Yuri
August 2022
BinahZena (kankan) by kankan Library of Ruina Doujin released Aug 14 '22 Binah x Zena Comedy Het on page 5 Hod x Zena Spoilers Yuri
July 2022
Kumaman - Maki's Birthday 2016 Nicomaki Manhwa by Kumaman Love Live! Doujin released Jul 22 '22 Birthday Couple life Maki x Nico Read left to right Science babies Yuri
May 2022
An Older Sister Who is at the Mercy of her Younger Sister by Ehohin Original Doujin released May 18 '22 Age gap Anal Anilingus BDSM Full color Incest Lots of sex NSFW Roleplay Spanking Threesome Toys Yuri
April 2022
Weather Forecast of Misunderstandings by Amimochi Aikatsu! Doujin released Apr 14 '22 Age gap Akari x Sena Het
January 2022
I Can Hear That Night by Yonurime Touhou Project Doujin released Jan 5 '22 Christmas Meiling x Sakuya Romance Yuri
September 2021
Not Alone Anymore by Miyako Love Live! Doujin released Sep 28 '21 Eli x Nico x Nozomi Time travel
EX Day Gift by AkitaLaboratory Lobotomy Corporation Doujin released Sep 17 '21 Smoking Tsundere Yuri
The Beginning is Their World by Gaterar Love Live! Superstar!! Doujin released Sep 15 '21 3D Drama Full color Kanon x Keke Yuri
August 2021
First Love Romantic by Kyudori BanG Dream! Doujin released Aug 18 '21 Chisato x Kanon Introspective Yuri
June 2021
Ramen Wars by Maseda Love Live! Doujin released Jun 1 '21 Action Comedy Ramen What the fuck am I reading?
May 2021
Project Makeover Ad (Delusion) by Sal Jiang released May 18 '21 Bullying Parody Reversal School girl Yuri
3LDK! by Mocan Love Live! Sunshine!! Doujin released May 13 '21 Adult life Dia x Kanan x Mari Roommates Slice of life
April 2021
FLY HIGH by Matsuura Asuka Aikatsu! Doujin released Apr 2 '21 Akari x Sena Het Romance
March 2021
Sing To Me About Love by nekonso Love Live! Doujin released Mar 15 '21 Drama Maki x Umi Yuri
February 2021
A Perfect Day For Scouting by Suimi Love Live! Doujin released Feb 14 '21 4-koma Comedy Eli x Nozomi Maki x Nico Parody
Lala VS Megashark VS Seto Kaiba by Ururan Taizaiki Pripara Doujin and Yu-Gi-Oh Doujin released Feb 5 '21 Comedy Crossover What the fuck am I reading?
January 2021
Diamond & Drops by Cogane Hana Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club Doujin released Jan 24 '21 Kasumi x Shizuku Yuri
The Story of a Prideful Girl Being Blackmailed and Made to Cum Every Day by Ehohin Original Doujin released Jan 19 '21 Anal Blackmail Dubious consent Full color Lots of sex NSFW Tanline Watersports Yuri
Lisa and Yukina and also... A Cat? by Datarou BanG Dream! Doujin released Jan 11 '21 Comedy Lisa x Yukina Yuri