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Series to read
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Delete my account pls
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News Dynasty Discord Server 1 2
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Best to worst yuri author that you've ever seen in your yuri's way.
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Big boost to yuri publishing in Spain
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Lilycle is out on MG store
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Deleting account
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Shouraiteki ni Shindekure please translate the rest
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Watamote Latest Chapter Discussion
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Spoiler for this series please: Ore ga... Yuri!?
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Manga suggestion - Is there a slice of life with sadist/tsundere pairing?
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Another gem: Beauty and the Beast Girl
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Slow start does NOT appear in the recently added list or front page
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Where you from?~ 1 2 3 ... 10
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Voice Actress Kana Ueda Hospitalized Due to Poor Health
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News Charity commissions for Alycans of Lilium
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'Sword Art Online' Creator Shares Interest In Creating LGTBQ Series
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Hi,I'm new to this website and i need help.
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