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OrangePekoe Staff
joined Mar 20, 2013

Uploaded because Asaka Takashima.

Also, it's pretty okay minus some poorly paced middle bits and cancelled thing.

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joined Apr 27, 2013

Eh, this thing. Started off with potential, then it just faffed about for a while. Then it got cancelled

joined Aug 23, 2014

Would have been a decent manga,,, if it didn't get cancelled

Why must good stuff always get cancelled -glares at Gretel-

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i was overjoyed to find a sci-fi completed,
is this really cancelled? on baka-update it says it's traslated till the "end" chapter.
i can't stand anymore to start reading sci-fi and mystery manga and never finish them

and now that i have finished reading, i'm even more displeased, even if it isn't an original idea, it's more profound than how it seems at first,
it's a little late, but i really really hate this society where only money-making things can exist, and applying this rule to arts is the worst shame

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joined Aug 27, 2013

Whaaat criiiime has Aoi done, I'm going to see this question in my dreams from now on.

joined Aug 24, 2014

It's so sad that this was cancelled...

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Yeeeees!!!! I was trying to find out the name of this manga for the longest time because I was reading it but I forgot the name !!! Yes!!! But now I find out it was f.... Cancelled !? Whyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!?

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flips all the tables

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Why doesn't this have the 'yuri' tag?

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Sad... I really like this now~!! T.T

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it was really good (sniff sniff) WHY MUST BE CANCELLED?!

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joined Jul 22, 2016

Urgh, I remember this from a long time ago.
It was a great and could have been explore really nicely... it's a shame it was cancelled...

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I wonder if the author had an idea of how to end it and if someone asked if she/he would be willing to explain/spoil the rest of the story.

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schuyguy Uploader
Yuri Project
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I liked this. If it had just kept going on another 20 chapters or whatever with nothing really changing, I would've kept reading.

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It was just getting better... Never forget.

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Its cancelled??? Why???? Its so good!!! Goddamn it!

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aww it was getting fun too

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