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I didn't realise because the artist is different, but the... "themes", so to speak, are VERY Masamune Shirow.

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It is...interesting? Not sure what to expect, looks like magical girl stuff. Could be nice.

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Don't kill me, but, is it me or that girl Nene looks like Nanoha-chan? I'm not saying they are twins but to me they look very similar.

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Page 63 of chapter one, she's talking about her left hand, but obviously she's using her right hand instead. Mistake in the translation or the original?

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Mmm. It's not badly put together,'s not really my thing overall. A bit more goofy than my tastes usually go.

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Mmm. It's not badly put together,'s not really my thing overall. A bit more goofy than my tastes usually go.

I think the goofiness works very well. The scenario is very good for hard action without big consequences since the characters can loose everything but their head.

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Was nobody reminded even slightly of Chobits with those first colored pages?

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So... This is what Shirow's been doing instead of Appleseed 5.

I hate to admit, kinda feels like it's going to be fun.

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I could get pretty into this. Looks like the scanlated releases are pretty staggered, though. Hopefully Shirow's name is letting it do whatever it wants over in Japan at least, 'cause I think it'd make a pretty good anime.

Aside from the sci-fi stuff, the vibe reminds me of Murcielago. I wouldn't mind seeing more action/comedy based yuri at all; this was a pretty neat upload.

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I'm gonna assume both the blonde and her aunt are actually the villains of the piece. That seems like a safe bet.

What other series have the lead character working for the villains (particularly goofy villains)? Ratman and Excel Saga come to mind, but I'm sure there's more than that.

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Woukd continue reading I guess it has lewd

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I like the art and it's really interesting. I want more!

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This just got announced by Seven Seas:

Pretty hype, I'll definitely be picking it up! Don't think we can count on scanlations in this case anyway :P.

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I wonder if the cat-girl and the main heroine are going to kiss at the end?

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So, apparently this is getting an anime adaption which made me skim though the two chapters available. This is gonna be stupid. Not looking forward to actually having to listen to the MC.

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A shame that the rest 24 chapters of this manga haven't got translated.

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This is gonna be an anime in three days?
Well...alright but I'm not that psyched about it

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Would this be considered yuri, or subtext?
There's def yuri going on in mc's head

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Oh dear! I watched the first four episodes of the anime, and it's actually pretty fun!! And cute!!

Love how the narration goes about a world with natural disasters, corporations and countries backstabbing each other, social problems, the new cyborg techs... and then states that this is NOT ABOUT those things... it's a story of a GIRL MEETING ANOTHER GIRL.
Yuri approved!!

I like a lot the protagonist, Nene. Is naive, but not THAT naive. And she's fierce about protecting her girl. Do not touch Clarin or you gonna get a bad time.

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the anime was relay good and the ending is hilarious. worth watching.

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I didn't know we had this on the reader. Now I want to rewatch this!!

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